How The Blacklist's Ressler Episode Could Change Him Moving Forward

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The time for big Blacklist reveals is almost here! If you thought Raymond Reddington was the only one who has a major secret, think again. The Blacklist is about to reveal Donald Ressler’s hidden truths, and the episode could prove life-altering for the character. Ever since viewers first met Diego Klattenhoff's Ressler, he has been a pretty straightforward guy, but that will probably get flipped soon.

While there have been glimmers into what makes him tick, fans are about to find out more than ever before. The Blacklist has been teasing the reveal of Ressler’s big secret, and the sparks will fly when Ressler and his older brother Robby (Anthony Michael Hall) team up in the May 1 episode aptly titled “Brothers.”

The Blacklist has teased that Ressler is hiding something quite explosive, and the promo for the May 1 episode hints that it is literally a buried secret. How could what happens in “Brothers” change Ressler going forward? Diego Klattenhoff told EW:

Going forward, there may be just a little more forgiveness and then letting go of this responsibility Ressler has carried around forever.

Fans have gotten teases here and there about Robby’s desperate attempt to reach Ressler via phone. Now that the brothers are back in each other’s company, they will have to deal with whatever huge secret the two of them share. Ressler’s brother will be on The Blacklist for more than one episode, so prepare for the two to bond for a bit.

But what responsibility has Ressler carried all these years? (Besides a not-talked-about crush on Liz?) Ever since The Blacklist revealed Ressler’s brother is involved in his secret, my mind immediately sped back to Season 3, Episode 8 (“Kings of the Highway”). In that episode, Ressler revealed that his dad was a police officer in Detroit, who was killed by his dirty cop partner.

Ressler made it clear that his dad received no justice, which makes me wonder. Long before The Blacklist began, did Ressler and his brother, Robby, avenge their father, vigilante-style? Perhaps that is why Red has always had a soft spot for “Donald,” as he calls him, and why Liz feels drawn to Ressler enough to tell him some of her big secrets.

How much (if any) will Ressler change after his giant episode of The Blacklist? Thankfully, viewers have the rest of Season 7 and another season after that to find out. That's if Ressler survives this one, of course, and I hope he does. Diego Klattenhoff teased the possibility that the gnome killer could be different when the show continues, saying:

Also, we’ll have to see how much this does or doesn’t change his outlook.

As excited as I am to see how this episode of The Blacklist could change Ressler, there are some other things I am also anticipating. For instance, seeing Ressler interact with his family on-screen for the first time. Also, I cannot help wondering if a Liz/Ressler romance gets a jumpstart despite the writers’ previously being at a stalemate.

Find out if Ressler changes when new episodes of The Blacklist air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Check out Ressler’s journey before Season 7 via the previous seasons streaming on Netflix, along with lots of 2020 arrivals. For TV shows to consider watching after The Blacklist’s Season 7 finale, there are always this summer’s premieres.

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