The Blacklist Star Promises Last Season 7 Episode '100 Percent' Works As Finale

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The television season was swiftly disrupted last month, with the early shutdown of numerous series. The situation has led to many shows ending just shy of their initially planned finales, and The Blacklist is among them. Thankfully, Diego Klattenhoff has an assuring take on the last episode of Season 7 working as a finale.

The Blacklist actor, who plays secret keeper Donald Ressler, thinks what has turned out to be the final episode of Season 7 will be a worthy finale. Where does the now-season-finale stand in the season’s original run? It is actually Episode 19 of a planned 22. Saying the season-ender works “100%” as a finale, Diego Klattenhoff also told TVLine:

[EPs Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath] have a knack for being able to shape and mold these characters and bend them into these spaces[.] It’s going to tee up everything for Season 8… I don’t think it’s a bad thing that we got shut down earlier than expected. The finale’s going to be something to behold.

This puts my mind at ease somewhat, but a lot of questions remain. Will The Blacklist still end with that previously promised massive family battle? Or will that get pushed into next season? The good news is that viewers already know there will be one. That is more than some series can say at this point.

Other shows have not been as fortunate heading into their impromptu season finales. The Blacklist has a definitive future in front of it, and teasers surrounding that future may soon shift in light of the season finale switch-up for Season 7. James Spader had previously teased that some exciting developments would happen to help jumpstart Season 8.

Will fans of The Blacklist get to see those things unfold? Diego Klattenhoff does not get into specifics. However, he does stand behind the show’s creative forces and the improvised Season 7 finale setting up the next season. The Blacklist has traditionally liked to end with a cliffhanger (see Season 6) or at least some major twist for fans to ponder (see Season 5).

At this point, the dramatic statement that The Blacklist could sign off with is a giant question mark, but that's as it should be at this stage in the game. Viewers still have the crazy fallout of Liz keeping Katarina’s secret from Red to enjoy. At least, I hope that happens in Season 7.

The Blacklist has brought on Joely Richardson and will have Al Roker on for the 150th episode. To say that Season 7 has been eventful despite being cut short would be an understatement at this point. I just hope whatever is going on with Red’s health is resolved by the end of Season 7. Or, at least learn that we'll get an answer next season.

The Blacklist was nearing the end of its season, so I do not expect any significant bombshells to get dropped before Season 7 signs off. But, it would be nice if some were, and there is a precedent. Last season surprised with the faux reveal of Red’s identity a few episodes ahead of its finale.

Speaking of which, it is essential to remember that the late Brian Dennehy is supposed to make another appearance as Dom Rostov, in the Season 7 finale. Liz’s grandpa provided that faux Red reveal. It is unclear if he knew it was fake info, but with Dom around, the last episode of Season 7 could end up being a revelatory installment of The Blacklist after all. Stay tuned!

The Season 7 finale of The Blacklist airs Friday, May 15 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Check out The Blacklist’s previous season-enders via past seasons streaming on Netflix, along with lots of 2020 arrivals. For shows to consider watching after The Blacklist’s Season 7 finale arrives, there are always this summer’s premieres.

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