MTV Vet Kurt Loder Turned 75, And The Internet Was In Full Shock

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Kurt Loder was a familiar face back on the MTV scene in the 1990s, and many viewers undoubtedly remember him as he was then without accounting for the decades since. Time passes for us all, however, and Loder celebrated his 75th birthday on May 5. Believe it or not, Kurt Loder was born back in 1945, and the Internet was not prepared for the news that he had hit 75.

Back in the days of MTV programming packed with music videos, Kurt Loder shared the news with viewers. He joined the network in 1988 and covered key events in the music industry, notably including the 1994 death of Kurt Cobain. While Loder has remained active in the years since, he is probably most fondly remembered by those who tuned in to MTV in the 90s.

Naturally, many used social media as an outlet for their shock at Kurt Loder turning 75, and while most reactions were definitely surprised, a lot of them honored Loder for what he brought to MTV. Take a look at what Twitter thought of Kurt Loder’s birthday!

Considering Kurt Loder was in his late 40s/early 50s during his MTV heyday, it’s no surprise that he’s older than some 90s viewers who watched him back in the day! The surprise is really that he was ever that old while delivering the music news. Of course, Kurt Loder’s announcements on MTV could be pretty serious in nature, such as the deaths of giants in the industry, so he always stood out from other personalities on the network.

“Woahzzzzz” indeed! I’m not quite sure Kurt Loder hitting 75 is proof that the matrix is real, but it’s definitely enough to start wondering. If Loder can be 75, what other unlikely scenarios could be true? Considering the demographic that generally tunes into MTV -- or at least did back in the 90s -- Loder really is an outlier.

Kurt Loder’s age put him above plenty of others -- if not all the others -- who spent time in front of the camera on MTV, and the shock of him turning 75 has raised the question: what about Quddus? Fortunately for fans who might not have been able to handle two shocks in one week, former TRL host Quddus is only 39. Loder is the only one who is technically a senior citizen!

Kurt Loder’s 75th birthday also resulted in some comparing MTV back in his day to MTV nowadays. The music journalist was apparently 53 when he announced the death of Biggie Smalls on MTV. Would Loder, who is immortalized as part of the music scene in the 90s, have even gotten a shot at MTV in 2020?

In all seriousness, Kurt Loder wasn’t just an MTV VJ, and his appearances on the network were impactful for many viewers. Loder appearing on screen was a sign that something serious had happened, but for some, he was on par with TV journalists like Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather when it came to trusted news sources.

Despite the shock many felt at Kurt Loder hitting the big 7-5 on May 5, 2020, the Internet was overflowing with congratulations and tributes to go along with the surprise. Happy Birthday, Kurt Loder! Now, if you need some TV options to shake off the shock, be sure to check out our 2020 summer premiere schedule.

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