Modern Family's Ariel Winter Shares Wild Story About Accidentally Slicing Off Part Of Her Thumb

Ariel Winter in Modern family before slicing finger off.
(Image credit: Photo courtesy of ABC.)

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter may be pretty good at acting, but don’t ask her to cook food for you. Speaking recently in an interview about the end of the long-running ABC comedy, Winter shared the gruesome injury that happened to her thumb, which had to be bandaged up after an incident with an errant tomato.

Hearing someone talking about chopping the end of their finger off is never pleasant. So, if you’re kinda like me and don’t need the nitty gritty details of what Ariel Winter was doing when she literally took off a piece of her thumb, just know the injury happened and there’s a baggie with a fingertip involved and bail the heck outta this article.

Meanwhile, if you love gross stories, Ariel Winter revealed to Access Hollywood exactly what she was doing when she sliced off the end of her finger.

I was trying to make Greek food because I'm Greek and so I was like I want to try all of these new things, I want to try and make this dish I love. I had chopped four onions just before I chopped this one thing. Chopped four onions and it was great. I just got new knives too. So, I went to chop a peeled tomato, and sliced the top part of my thumb off on a peeled tomato. It’s funny too, my boyfriend and I were looking at my thumb – we were talking and then as I did it it sliced right through. We were both like ‘Oh my god.’ I was so shocked that it was more like hyperventilating. I was like, 'I should be crying but I can't believe it, I can't believe it.’

Hey, we all have different skill sets and clearly talking while trying to cut up produce is not what Ariel Winter should stick to. Or at least cooking while multitasking takes a little practice. Anyway, this isn’t the end to the gruesome injury story.

Ariel Winter's thumb screenshot.

Ariel Winter also revealed in her narrative that her boyfriend had to take her to the hospital because the bleeding got really bad. Oh, and did I mention she’s not kidding when she said she “sliced” off part of her finger. She also said:

I apparently sliced an artery or something like that. So, I bled so much that we had to go to the hospital, and [my boyfriend] actually brought the tip of my finger to the hospital. …Went to the hospital, he gave it to a nurse. Funny, [the nurse] just gave it to me in a plastic bag, and didn't tell me that it was the tip of my thumb. So I accidentally threw it away, and we had to go get it.

I once cut my hand when I was slicing fruit as a bartender and there was so much blood, so it doesn’t particularly surprise me she went to the hospital given she seems to have been bleeding a lot and also lost enough of her finger that her boyfriend bagged it. Which I guess is really thoughtful, but also how does a person even think to do that?

Anyway, the actress did a video interview with the outlet to discuss the end of Modern Family, which just hit ABC back in April. Unlike some other shows that were expecting to end this season, including Supernatural and Empire, Modern Family was able to wrap filming early enough to work the finale in.

But who cares about the end of a long-running show when you have a bandaged actress right in front of you willing to talk about her injury in minute detail? She could have told me Modern Family was already getting revived (she didn’t) and I would have totally missed it because she’d just talked about pools of blood and slicing fingers. Good thing I already ate this morning…

Oh and if you're just here for the gross finger injuries, Jimmy Fallon was particularly ick-inducing when he shared his a few years ago too. You're welcome.

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