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Ariel Winter Immediately Changed Her Hair After Modern Family Wrapped Filming

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Having grown up on the small screen in her eleven seasons on Modern Family, actress Ariel Winter was for many years synonymous with her character Alex Dunphy, easily one of the smartest people in this extended family. In recent years, however, Winter has become a social media magnet largely independent of Modern Family, focusing in part on her physical attributes and her fashion choices, among other things. And fans might be shocked to see what she looks like now that she's changed her hair up.

Considering Alex Dunphy rocks brunette hair and apparently doesn't harbor any deep-seated goals of dying it all, Ariel Winter previously didn't have an endless supply of options when it came to changing up her hair color or hairstyle, considering the summer hiatus only lasts a few months. But now that Modern Family is packing it up for good, it provides all the free time one would need to make semi-permanent hair changes. After causing a lot of buzz for her sheer look during the Modern Family wrap party, Winter took very little time in making that happen. Check it out below!

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The winter season may carry with it mental visuals of fields covered in white snow, but Ariel Winter has brought the fire with her new hair color. In the post, she references the iconic kids character Strawberry Shortcake in requesting a new nickname, and here are a few of the names and comparative characters that commenters brought up.

Kim PossibleAriel (The Little Mermaid)Merida (Brave)Dr. Crusher (Star Trek: The Next Generation)Christina Hendricks Jr.Bloom (Winx Club)A pretty and beawtiful carrot

Regardless of what nicknames may or may not be applied, Ariel Winter's fans are definitely loving the actress' new look, which is on the opposite end of the appearance spectrum from Alex Dunphy's modest and bespectacled visage. If she's trying to convince Hollywood that she's ready for more grown-up roles that share little to do with Modern Family's sitcom vibes, I believe the past couple of years on social media have done it, with the switch to red hair capping it all off beautifully.

To be sure, Ariel Winter was not trying to keep her hair changes a secret from fans, as she'd written a post in early February about wanting to return to the red-haired look. And she even put a post up for fans prior just prior to changing it, saying "bye bye" to her dark hair.

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Fans can't wait to see where Ariel Winter might end up next on either the big screen or the small screen. She popped up last year in an episode of Law & Order: SVU, a show that she apparently loves, and it's coming back for at least three more seasons, so maybe there's something for her there. She's also known for lending her voice to shows such as Robot Chicken, and she also voiced the titular character in Disney Junior's Sofia the First during its run.

Considering she's made more than one post about a certain Baby Yoda in the past couple of months, might Star Wars fans start expecting to see her show up within an episode or two of The Mandalorian in Season 2?

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For now, Ariel Winter fans will have to make do with the remaining episodes of Modern Family's eleventh and final season, which will air Wednesdays on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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