Could Community Actually Get A Movie After Netflix Success? Dan Harmon Has Good News

It's somehow been over eleven years since the students and faculty from Greendale Community College entered our lives, but fans are ready for Dean Pelton to enter us all over again. (Wait, did the Dean write that sentence?) Community's renewed popularity on Netflix has kicked some of the dust off the #SixSeasonsAndAMovie argument, and fans are once again wondering if Jeff, Britta, Abed and everyone else might one day get their own feature film. For the first time in a while, creator Dan Harmon has some forward-leaning news.

Dan Harmon currently has Rick and Morty Season 4 airing on Adult Swim, and is in the process of working on Season 5. You know what else he's doing? Apparently having conversations about making more Community happen! Below is the encouraging message Harmon gave to TheWrap, saying that Community's upticks in popularity have definite effects on the marketplace. In his words:

When the marketplace gets affected, conversations happen. And when conversations happen, things happen. I mean, when you’re part of the Community family, you learn never to raise expectations, keep ‘em nice and low and then be pleasantly surprised. So I can say that there are conversations happening that people would want to be happening and that I’m very, very excited about the coming months.

By all means, long-time Community fans have watched the show go through about as many hardships as a fan-beloved comedy could without completely falling apart. From Dan Harmon's exit in Season 4 to the assortment of casting changes to the NBC cancellation to the Yahoo Screen resurrection, Community soared on where other shows likely would have fallen hard. So while tenacious fans do indeed know better than to form lofty expectations about the show's future, we also know that Community is a survivor.

As well, it's known that MCU directors Anthony and Joe Russo, who directed several Community episodes in its first three seasons, have expressed interest in directing a potential feature if the details would work out. Netflix-friendly Joel McHale has also talked about there being more murmurings about a follow-up Community project, so here's hoping those murmurs and conversations turn into full-blown big-budget agreements in the nearest future.

Of course, Community recently cause big waves by announcing nearly the entire cast (minus the plethora of guest stars) would be reuniting for a video chat table read of the Season 5 episode "Cooperative Polygraphy." The charitable event should be a good time for all, with The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal joining the fun as a special guest, which probably means Walton Goggins isn't reprising his role.

The group also recorded an episode of Joel McHale and Ken Jeong's podcast The Darkest Timeline, in which former co-star Donald Glover realized the cast had kept him out of the loop on their big group chat. Everyone should know by now not to keep Glover out of anything.

All six seasons of Community are currently available to stream on Netflix and Hulu, so keep watching it and keep talking about it and keep on making the marketplace take notice! In the meantime, head to our Summer 2020 TV premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows that are on the way.

Nick Venable
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