Fuller House’s Emotional Final Trailer Embraces The Past And Sets Up So Many Weddings

Fuller House DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy eating ice cream in the kitchen

Almost 33 years, a combined 13 seasons, and 258 episodes of family-friendly shenanigans, the Full House saga is about to come to an end yet again. With the last nine episodes of Fuller House's farewell season set to debut this summer, it’s time for that previously promised triple wedding to get underway! Thankfully, the show's final trailer hints that tons of matrimonial magic is on the way.

Get your first taste of the proceedings below, as Fuller House’s final trailer embraces the series’ past while looking towards the future.

Netflix dropped the trailer for Fuller House: The Farewell Season, and if you’re a fan of the She Wolf Pack, or the entire Tanner/Gibbler clan, you’re probably going to need a lot of tissues. And if that ending tag is any indication, you’ll want some ice cream on hand as well. Or owse cweam, if you're the still-absent Michelle Tanner.

The trailer picks the story up after Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweeten, and Andrea Barber’s iconic sitcom trio of D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy all got engaged to their relative beaus at the end of December’s big cliffhanger “A Modest Proposal.” But, of course, this just means the antics are going to have to get bigger and broader in ways that tie up the entirety of the Fuller House cast's history together. Unless, of course, there’s another spin-off waiting in the wings.

One never really knows at this point, as we never thought Fulller House would ever actually happen prior to the Netflix pick-up. And yet, here we are, four and a half seasons in, and just nine episodes away from the complete saga being available in our queues. With the final season of Fuller House’s wrapping inspiring tears in Bure herself, and more than likely the rest of the cast as well, these last installments are bound to have as many laughs as they do heartfelt moments.

Which means audience will probably look something like this while watching the festivities themselves:

fuller house d.j. stephanie and kimmy fanning themselves

Fans of Fuller House have had a little over a year to prepare themselves for the end, and with “the best” being promised in this big hearted farewell, it’s going to be hard to avoid emotional reactions to this series’ wrap up. In fact, you could say that it’ll be everywhere you look, doobada ba-dah-dah. Apologies for the pun, but if we didn’t use ‘em, we'd be ultimately disappointing Danny Tanner and his entire family. It’s the least we can do for all of the laughter, warmth, and fond memories they’ve given the world.

Fuller House: The Farewell Season premieres on Netflix on June 2nd. Plenty of time to stock up on those essentials, and binge the entire run in preparation. Check out everything else heading to TV this summer as well.

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