The Perfect Way Netflix's Fuller House Season 5 Ended Before 2020 Return

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SPOILERS ahead on Fuller House Season 5 Part 1, which premiered December 6, 2019 on Netflix.

Oh, Mylanta, the whole She-Wolf Pack is getting married! Fuller House just released the first nine episodes of its final season and they are pretty much perfect. Season 5 will continue in 2020 with the final nine episodes in Part 2, and they'll surely leave fans as emotional as the stars -- who have already finished filming everything.

It's clear Fuller House is going out with not one, not two, but THREE weddings for DJ Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin), and Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber). Yes, "Let's Get Married" indeed in a triple wedding in 2020.

Fuller House delivering multiple engagements is not exactly a shock, but this isn't Game of Thrones, fans don't show up for giant twists. They show up for the humor, heart, and losing count of the number of times the studio audience says "awwwww." Fans may also show up for subtle Aunt Becky and Michelle Tanner references, and I spotted some light shade in Season 5, Episode 9.

Fuller House Season 5 started with the eventual naming of Stephanie and Jimmy's (Adam Hagenbuch) new baby girl. They decided to go with Danielle, in honor of Grandpa Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), with the middle name Jo. So, yes, her name is D.J. That was made into a sweet joke in the premiere.

Fast-forward to the finale, though -- skipping over Lisa Loeb and Kirk Cameron's hilarious episode -- and Fuller House Season 5 Part 1 ended with two new proposals, in addition to Stephanie and Jimmy.

Fuller House Season 5, Episode 9 was fittingly titled "A Modest Proposal," and seemed at first to be about Kimmy and Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace) getting re-engaged after their confusion about their relationship status. Earlier in the season, D.J. turned 40 and she thought her Full House love Steve Hale (Scott Weinger) was going to propose to her ... but he didn't.

Turns out, Steve was waiting to propose in a big flash mob scene that brought back not just D.J.'s dad Danny Tanner, but also Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and Joey (Dave Coulier).

Fuller House Season 5 Steve finally proposes to DJ Netflix

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During that Fuller House Season 5, Episode 9 flash mob dance scene, you could argue there was a subtle reference to Aunt Becky's absence, since Joey and Jesse danced together, adding the joke that Joey couldn't tango without his dance partner. Ordinarily, that partner might be Aunt Becky, except for Lori Loughlin's legal troubles, which is keeping her out of the final season.

During Steve's proposal to D.J., Fuller House flashed back to the couple's high school love story in Full House. It was beautiful. It was also followed by Kimmy getting down on one knee to propose to Fernando. He accepted to be her husband again.

Fuller House Season 5 Kimmy proposes to Fernando Netflix

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So D.J., sister Stephanie, and DJ's BFF Kimmy are all getting married -- presumably to be shown in the final episodes of Fuller House.

You could argue there was another reference to Michelle Tanner after the two new proposals, since Danny quipped of the three girls "you know it's so nice to have three daughters again." Michelle Tanner was famously played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House and infamously not played by anyone for Fuller House on Netflix.

At the end of Fuller House's first batch of final episodes, DJ came up with the idea of the She-Wolf Pack having a triple wedding. She said it would be so easy planning the one giant wedding, and yet -- she wants to get married in a beautiful cathedral, Stephanie wants to get married on a beach in Mazatlán, and Kimmy wants to get married ... on the international space station. Hey, it's Kimmy.

But they knew they'd figure it out in the end, so Fuller House Season 5, Episode 9 ended with a triple wedding howl to "I doooo."

Fuller House Season 5 Episode 9 to be continued engagement rings Netflix

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Netflix has yet to announce the premiere date for the final nine episodes of the final season, but we know wedding bells are in the air. How will the entire series end? Will there be more kids, or perhaps other big news or will three weddings be enough? More familiar faces from Full House are expected to show up, so stay tuned.

Fuller House Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix. Keep up with all of Netflix's 2020 premiere and return dates with our handy schedule. Fuller House Season 5 Part 2 will be added when we hear of it!

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