Netflix's Fuller House Has A Premiere Date, Candace Cameron Bure And Costars Are Hyped

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Netflix has revealed the premiere date for Fuller House Season 5B. Last year, it was announced that the Full House spinoff would be ending with Season 5, which has been split into two halves. The first half debuted at the end of last year. Now the second half’s premiere has been announced, and Candace Cameron Bure and her co-stars are hyped!

Fuller House Season 5B (a.k.a. the final episodes) will premiere July 2 on Netflix. Candace Cameron Bure took to Twitter to share her excitement over the bittersweet announcement. The actress had shared how hard it was to film Fuller House’s final week. Some time has passed since the series finished filming and fans are about to see how it pays off. Check out Bure’s tweet below:

Candace Cameron Bure is so excited that she invoked a Full House catchphrase: “Oh my Lanta.” Well, there is no need to grab a Mylanta over this news. Fuller House will be back this summer on Netflix. Bure was not the only cast member of the sadly ending series to express excitement over the revelation. Dave Coulier posted this:

The Netflix fan-favorite may be heading towards the finish line, but it will be doing so with some familiar faces, according to Dave Coulier. Meanwhile, there will be lots of wedding plans as Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie prepare to wed their soulmates in a triple ceremony. Among the grooms is Juan Pablo Di Pace’s Fernando. Di Pace shared a cute picture amid Fuller House’s final bow:

A photo posted by on

Do you notice anyone missing? Okay, a few people are missing from this picture, but two of them stand out – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The duo putting in an appearance as Michelle Tanner never happened for a reason.

When it came time for Season 5, Fuller House did not even ask the famous twins back. Someone who will be back is Soni Nicole Bringas. She shared a celebratory post with the same picture as her TV dad, but with an obviously different caption. Check it out:

Soni Nicole Bringas’s Romona should have a busy storyline when Fuller House returns. Romona’s parents are getting remarried, and two other couples are getting married too! The wedding should be a great way for Season 5’s final episodes to be set up. Fans have a couple of months to continue getting excited. The cast has done its part to help.

John Stamos revealed that he took the Tanners’ iconic couch home with him. I cannot think of a better spot for it! In other nostalgic news, Candace Cameron Bure’s brother, Kirk Cameron, will be guest-starring during Fuller House’s final episode. No, he will not be playing the Tanner sisters’ cousin, Steve, again.

Find out how it all concludes when Fuller House’s last episodes premiere July 2 on Netflix. The second part of Season 5 is one of 2020’s premieres. If you need anything else to consider watching, you should take a look at this summer’s sizzling schedule.

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