Nick Cordero’s Wife Shares Last Picture They Took Before Harrowing Covid-19 Ordeal

Blue Bloods Nick Cordero 2019 before Covid diagnosis, leg amputation.

Blue Bloods and popular Tony nominated Broadway actor Nick Cordero has been dealing with a harrowing ordeal since he was diagnosed with coronavirus and went into the ER at the tail end of March. As of this weekend, he’s spent nearly 40 days in the ICU and Kloots shared an update on all of the stuff the actor has been through, as well as shared a look back at the last picture they took as a family before he was diagnosed.

Nick Cordero is holding his baby son Elvis as he poses for the picture with his wife Amanda Kloots. In a message accompanying the image, Kloots details all of Nick Cordero’s health struggles in recent months, including a leg amputation, a sepsis infection, mini strokes and more. A pacemaker has also been temporarily inputted to help the actor survive. More about his health can be found in her full post.

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Zach Braff has apparently been hosting Amanda Kloots and family while Nick Cordero has been hospitalized and a whole host of people are donating money to help this family during this time. A Bronx Tale co-star to create “virus protection kits” with a portion of the money going to Kloots and her son. An additional Go Fund Me account has also been setup.

Although, while Kloots has striven to stay positive and “hopeful” during this ordeal, there has been a lot of bad news that she’s had to deal with. As of late last week, the actor had shown “early signs” of Nick Cordero possibly awaking from his medically-induced coma. Amanda Kloots said the doctor saw this as “just a great sign.”

Yet, at the time of this writing, the actor has not awoken from the coma and there’s no update on what’s next for the actor in terms of a timeline regarding his hopeful recovery. Last week, Amanda Kloots told GMA she sits outside of the hospital every day in her car, just staying positive for Nick's sake. She's also been open and honest on social media about the myriad feelings she's been going through as part of this rollercoaster. She recently shared on Instagram Live that she was hoping her husband would wake up in time for Mother’s Day, as well, noting,

Mother's Day is Sunday, maybe he'll wake up for me and his mom, what a gift.

Here’s wishing Amanda Kloots well on Mother’s Day as she deals with the challenges of Nick Cordero’s hospital stay alongside raising their 10-month-old Elvis. She’s previously thanked her brother and sister for helping her through this struggle, but it’s bound to have been a long nearly-40 days now for the fitness trainer and really, anyone who knows Nick Cordero on a personal level.

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