How Apple TV+ Is About To Get A Lot More Like Netflix

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Remember when Netflix and Amazon were aiming to double their output of original programming back in 2018? Well, they have succeeded in adding some buzzy series since that time. Fast forward to 2020, and AppleTV+ is setting itself up to get a lot more like Netflix minus that original programming part. How does the service plan to do it?

Bloomberg reports that AppleTV+ is readying to add a lot more licensed content, including TV shows and movies. There is no word on what specific movies or TV shows could join the AppleTV+ library, but it is, nevertheless, exciting news for subscribers and prospective subscribers alike. Why? AppleTV+ has been subsisting on original content up until this point.

Thus, viewers are presented with a library that does not allow you to stream non-AppleTV+ originals, such as The Big Bang Theory or Friends. Both of those fan-favorite sitcoms will be heading to HBO Max when it launches. Nor will it have Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone, which will be heading to NBCUniversal’s upcoming streamer, Peacock. Of course, those services are following the licensing trend set by Netflix.

Netflix itself has been embracing a new chapter in its licensing situation. In the wake of the streaming giant losing Friends and preparing to lose The Office, Netflix’s head honcho said they were not worried. For its part, AppleTV+ already has an impressive library of originals, including Chris EvansDefending Jacob, and now it is just a matter of adding in some classics people want to see, too.

With much-sought-after comedies like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and The Office already getting snatched up, what else is out there? As hinted at above, in terms of acquiring licensed content, HBO Max and Peacock have really brought it in the hyper-competitive streaming wars. So much so that HBO Max thinks it can beat a current top rival to Netflix, Disney+.

There are a lot of hot television properties out there, so AppleTV+ has a lot to sift through. Not to mention, AppleTV+ has not been doing poorly in the subscriber department. Now it is time to put that pedal to the metal in terms of offering said subscribers licensed content that they would be interested enough to see to stay tuned in the long run.

It will be interesting to see what AppleTV+ can add in a television landscape that has mostly been spoken for between Netflix, Disney+ and upcoming streamers. AppleTV+ will have to dig deep to tap the content vein it needs to succeed. There is so much already spoken for, it is tough for me to imagine what that content will be.

AppleTV+ is said to be exploring the world of both movies and television to license. Between both of those, there should be a lot to consider. In the meantime, there will be a lot of new content streaming on AppleTV+, and Netflix throughout 2020. While you wait for the most exciting stuff to arrive, stay busy with this summer’s premieres.

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