One Walking Dead Vet Has Never Watched The Show, But Thinks Its Message Is Still Relevant

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It’s been several years since Sarah Wayne Callies has appeared on AMC’s The Walking Dead, having been killed off in Season 3 of the long-running series. Callies played Lori Grimes on the show, but she died in childbirth after delivering daughter Judith via C-section. It turns out that the actress has never actually watched The Walking Dead, but she does think the show’s message is still relevant today.

Sarah Wayne Callies has played a number of characters across television over the years, including Katie Bowman on Colony and Dr. Sara Tancredi on Prison Break. However, The Walking Dead remains one of her most memorable TV outings. As Lori, she charged ahead, fighting her way through the zombie apocalypse alongside her son and Rick’s friend Shane. With the series now in its tenth season, Callies recently admitted to never having seen the AMC show, despite having been a large part of it. Here’s what she told AssignmentX:

I never watched The Walking Dead. It scared me. But ten years ago, the world was different, and that kind of exploration of depravity and desperation and fear was subversive, and it was interesting, and it was new. And now, we have such a glut of shows about what a shitty, dystopian, fucked-up world we’re in – including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, which are reality shows about the shitty, dystopian, fucked-up world we’re in – that I think it’s actually now kind of subversive to say, ‘Maybe we’re all going to be okay. Maybe we can get through this by reaching out to one another.’

It’s not an unfair assessment to say that The Walking Dead was, and still is, a scary and “subversive” show. Yes, the comic book-based show is still relevant in its dystopian glory and all. However, the climate’s definitely shifted since the series first premiered in 2010 and it sounds like Sarah Wayne Callies wouldn’t mind seeing TV shows that have a bit more of a positive message.

To that point, the actress went on to say that Council of Dads, the NBC drama she currently stars in, definitely had the “we’re going to be okay” storytelling vibe that she wanted to be a part of right now. It’s a far cry from The Walking Dead, last I checked, whose characters were still fighting off the zombie apocalypse and many deranged humans, that’s for sure.

The AMC series unfortunately had its Season 10 finale delayed because post-production work was unable to be completed ahead of its original April 12 air date. The episode will air at some point later this year, but fans will have to wait for now.

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Mae Abdulbaki