Batwoman's Ruby Rose Finally Breaks Silence Over Leaving The Arrowverse

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As big as all the shocks were in Batwoman's first season on The CW, from the Alice twists to the Hush storyline, nothing could have prepared fans for star Ruby Rose to suddenly quit the superhero drama. Unfortunately, the actress' exit was made public just two days after the impromptu Season 1 finale. Also surprisingly, Rose went more a week without bringing the topic up with her fanbase, but that has now changed.

Ruby Rose took to social media this week to deliver an update for everyone who has wondered about and worried about the actress following her split from Batwoman after only a single season. And it's just cryptic enough for Bruce Wayne to scratch his head over. Check out what she had to say in her Instagram post below.

Thank you everyone for coming on this journey. If I mentioned everyone it would be 1000 tags.. but Thank you to the cast, crew, producers and studio. It wasn’t an easy decision but those who know, know.. I didn’t want to not acknowledge everyone involved and how big this was for TV and for our community. I have stayed silent because that’s my choice for now but know I adore you all. I’m sure next season will be amazing also.

To start things off, Ruby Rose delivered the expected graciousness to everyone who helped make her Batwoman journey possible, while choosing to avoid naming names. Her justification is sound, since it would take exhaustive tagging to note everyone involved with the TV production, but the fact that she didn't tag anyone could imply that there's someone in particular that she wanted to avoid calling out.

After all, the next part of her post is the most oblique, with Ruby Rose saying that her decision to bounce from Batwoman was a difficult one to make, and indicating that only certain people are fully aware of the situation. Recent rumors claimed that Rose did not enjoy relocating to Vancouver for the production, and that she did not adjust well to the long hours that it took takes to make Arrowverse episodes week in and week out. This reportedly led to a not-exactly-mutual split, and Rose's words definitely make it seem like there were more issues at play.

Ruby Rose also addressed her recent silence on the matter, defending the choice to do so while also understanding that staying quiet wouldn't be a very good way to show appreciation to everyone that she worked with on Batwoman. And in a classy move, Rose exited the post with the prediction that Batwoman will continue to succeed in Season 2 with whatever actress gets brought in to replace her. (Check out three actresses who have already been favorited as the new Kate Kane.)

Though Batwoman won't be on her plate for the future, Ruby Rose will pop up in several new projects in the coming months. Having recently taken part in a virtual Shakespeare performance of Twelfth Night, Rose has the films SAS: Red Notice and Doorman set to release at some point, and she also voices the lead role in the animated horror-comedy Cranston Academy: Monster Zone. None of those films have release dates yet, however.

Check out Ruby Rose's full post below, complete with a looking-back video.

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Do you think there's something fishy about Ruby Rose's Batwoman exit, or does everything seem perfectly fine? Who do you guys think should replace Rose as Kate Kane for Season 2? Let us know in the comments, and while waiting for the second season to arrive – it won't happen until 2021 – be sure to check out our Summer 2020 TV schedule to see what new and returning shows are popping up soon.

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