Why Batwoman's Ruby Rose Reportedly Wanted To Leave The Show

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Why did Ruby Rose want to leave Batwoman? That is the question on many minds, and now it reportedly has an answer. The Arrowverse was shaken to its very core with the shocking news that Rose would be exiting the title role on The CW series. Yesterday (May 19), it was announced that Rose would be leaving the show ahead of its second season.

Batwoman was renewed earlier this year. Following Ruby Rose’s departure, the role of Kate Kane will be recast. So, what led to the search for the next Batwoman to get underway in the first place? TVLine reports that Rose wasn't entirely happy with her time on the show. What was the problem? Well, two major aspects which were, reportedly, at play were the demanding filming schedule that Batwoman required, as well as the show’s Vancouver filming location. Rose allegedly did not adjust well to living there or working the long hours needed to lead a TV drama.

Apparently, though, it was not entirely Rose’s decision to leave her leading role, and, according to a source close to the show (who remained unnamed), it was more of a "breakup."

It wasn’t 100-percent her decision. It was a breakup. She wasn’t happy working on the show, and did that make her fun to work with? No. So everyone decided it would be in the best interests of the show, and for all concerned, if they parted ways. It just wasn’t a good fit.

Putting all of this together, a mutual decision for Rose to depart Batwoman was made. The surprising news comes after Batwoman was announced as having a significant role in the Arrowverse’s next crossover.

Batwoman and Superman & Lois will be the only shows to anchor the next Arrowverse crossover event, which is set to span a two-hour block. The formerly Ruby Rose-led series played an integral role in the latest crossover to-date, and even gave fans a Smallville reunion. In its wake, Batwoman worked to remain grounded in spite of the changes brought on by “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

Now it is known that Ruby Rose will not be starring in the next crossover to hit The CW. Interestingly, Rose’s introduction into the Arrowverse came via one of its crossovers, with her being cast as Kate Kane/Batwoman for the 2018-2019 event.

The Batwoman series joining the Arrowverse was not far behind, but the road leading to its realization was, arguably, not a smooth ride for Ruby Rose. She left Twitter after an online backlash broke out once she was announced as Batwoman. That is not the only adversity Rose has endured, either, because there had been a serious physical injury for her to overcome, as well.

Ruby Rose later detailed the neck injury, understandably calling the experience “terrifying.” Months later, a crew member was paralyzed during an on-set accident, but neither of those incidents reportedly played into Rose’s decision to exit Batwoman. All told, Rose’s time on the superhero drama came to an earlier close than most fans would have expected, and in more than one way.

Along with Rose leaving the series after one season, Batwoman was not able to bring its first season to a full close. The series was one of many forced to shut down early this year, and didn't get to film the planned finale for Season 1. As such, Batwoman’s second season will not premiere this fall, but it and other CW series will return in early 2021.

So, it will be a while before Batwoman fans get to see Ruby Rose’s replacement in action. The series’ impromptu Season 1 finale left fans with a lot to contemplate in the meantime, thanks to its Bruce Wayne-related twist. Now, the search is on to see who will take over for Rose as Kate Kane when the fallout from said twist plays out next season.

Batwoman’s first season will be available to stream on HBO Max this year. While you wait for the new streamer’s launch and the return of Batwoman to The CW, you can keep busy with this summer’s premieres.

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