How Fuller House's Andrea Barber Felt About That Big Kimmy And Joey Moment

Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibbler and Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone on Fuller House (2020)
(Image credit: Michael Yarish / Netflix)

Spoilers for Fuller House Season 5, Episode 10 "If the Suit Fits" lie ahead.

Fuller House (and its predecessor) have had a lot of heartfelt moments over the years, and leave it to the first of Fuller House’s last episodes to bring about one of the most emotional ones. Andrea Barber, who has played Kimmy Gibbler throughout the original series and its sequel spinoff, has now weighed in on that big moment between Kimmy and Joey in the final season.

The moment that was decades in the making occurred during Fuller House Season 5, Episode 10 entitled “If the Suit Fits.” In it, Joey threw a surprise engagement party for brides Stephanie, DJ, and Kimmy. Not able to arrive at the festivities were Kimmy and Jimmy’s estranged parents, who never appeared on the original show. And this is where Joey and Kimmy’s sentimental moment came in.

In the Fuller House scene, Joey and Kimmy bonded over how they ended up being more a part of the Tanners’ family than their biological ones, a thread that surely tugged at the heartstrings. As a Full House fan who has seen every episode, it was tough not to have a tear (or two) rush into the eyes, especially considering that Kimmy had always been an irritant to Joey, Jesse, and Danny.

With this, a moment without one-liners flying between Kimmy and Joey was a rarity. What was even more touching was seeing Joey get choked up while acknowledging how much Kimmy means to him. That was all before Joey offered to walk Kimmy down the aisle. Suffice it to say, it was all quite special. When discussing the sweet Fuller House scene, Andrea Barber told TVLine:

That was a beautiful moment. Joey and Kimmy have always been the sidekicks. They’re the funny people without emotions who just provide one-liners and bring comic relief. You don’t get many chances to see these characters get emotional, and this was a perfect chance to talk about why Joey and Kimmy were around so much. Joey and Kimmy didn’t have great connections with their biological family, so they went to the Tanners to get that love they’d been seeking all of their lives. It was so great to finally connect these dots and connect these characters to each other.

In comedies, the cast does not tend to get too emotional, and thisfranchise is no different. When you consider all of the years Dave Coulier and Andrea Barber have spent thinking about their Full House turned Fuller House characters, you understand how easy those emotions were to come by. This was the beginning of a long goodbye, as they were filming the final round of episodes.

I cannot explain altogether how I could tell this, but Joey’s tears very much appeared to be those of Dave Coulier as well, which is so sweet. Andrea Barber relayed how tricky it was to keep Kimmy from falling into a puddle of tears while reacting to her beautiful exchange with Joey. Barber said:

I didn’t want to break down crying, because that would have been a little much for Kimmy Gibbler. It was about finding that restraint in how much emotion to really show — enough to let the viewers know that this is real, that this is a big deal to Kimmy. It was such a sweet moment between Dave and I. I will cherish that scene for the rest of my life.

It was such a fantastic scene, and I loved that it was not disrupted by any kind of joke. I'm sure it was tempting but, instead, Kimmy and Joey re-entered what was left of the engagement party together, and the look on DJ’s face after hearing that Joey had helped Kimmy through her difficult time spoke volumes.

Of course, DJ’s son Max wanted to know if Danny had given Joey any pointers on what to say but, as any Full House fan knows, Joey can manage a heart-to-heart talk all on his own. However, this time, he saved one of the best for last.

Check out that moving moment between Joey and Kimmy during Fuller House’s last episodes on Netflix. The second part of Season 5 is one of 2020’s premieres and, If you need anything else to consider watching after crying your eyes out to the show, you should take a look at this summer’s sizzling schedule.

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