What Sweet Magnolias Fans Can Expect From Season 2 On Netflix

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Sweet Magnolias has been doing quite well for itself on Netflix since it debuted Season 1 in the middle of May. As someone who binged the first outing and watched Dana Sue, Helen and Maddie support each other during some big life changes, I can tell you that fans of the show are chomping at the bit for Season 2. While we haven't heard yet that another season is, indeed, on the way at some point, at least we can all rejoice in the fact that showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson already knows what's coming next.

Sheryl J. Anderson and her team at Sweet Magnolias managed to give fans of romantic drama many of the things they love with Season 1 of the series. But, with all the soapy drama, illicit affairs, awesome outfits, ex struggles, money troubles and family strife, viewers also got some big surprises by the end, and were left with major questions because of several cliffhangers.

Luckily, Anderson spoke to Entertainment Weekly recently about her plans for the show, should it be granted Season 2 by Netflix, and she's got some good news for fans:

It is absolutely our intention that Season 2 will answer questions, but, I've got to warn you, there will be new questions, too. I would hope viewers will be just as invested in the answers to the new set of questions and in the further growth of the citizens of Serenity that you've come to love.

Alright, I know what you're thinking: "Sure, it's great that Anderson and her writers have firm plans in place to resolve those cliffhangers...but what happened? And what are the new questions?!?!" You couldn't have possibly believed it was going to be that easy, could you?

Obviously, the hope is that Sweet Magnolias will get a second season and have the opportunity to satisfy our many queries about the Season 1 finale on screen. Anderson also noted in her interview that they not only intend to answer our questions, but that they "know the answers to all the questions that we asked," and that's about the best news a fan can get about a show that ended with so many things up in the air.

I'm sure that many fans have simply been eagerly awaiting the chance to see more Sweet Magnolias, but it would appear that some weren't so happy with the season-ending cliffhangers, and Sheryl J. Anderson has some encouraging words for you, as well:

What I'd like to say to viewers is we so appreciate the passion and the investments. We really did not mean to upset anybody, we just wanted to leave you with questions that you can ponder, that you can discuss in your own Margaritas night, that you can mull over while we're waiting and hoping to hear about a Season 2.

Isn't that nice? It's like a message straight from Serenity, South Carolina. Well, without any hint of the town gossip thrown in, anyway. While we wait on word for Season 2 of Sweet Magnolias, you can check out our 2020 Netflix guide and see what's coming to TV this summer!

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