One Of The Blacklist's Characters Will Have A Bigger Storyline In Season 8

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A lot of exciting things are set to happen on The Blacklist when it returns for Season 8, and this is definitely exciting given that we still have so many lingering questions from the previous season. Now, it appears that fans will have even more to look forward to, as one character will be getting a much bigger storyline.

Fans will recall that the Task Force was left with a massive void when Mozhan Marnò left the show and took her fan-favorite character, Samar Navabi, with her. Samar’s medical issues (and a team of assassins) caught up with her, and she is currently in parts unknown, thanks to Red. So heading into last season, the Task Force was without a key member, and Aram was without the love of his life. Enter Laura Sohn as FBI Agent, Alina Park, and The Blacklist had its answer to replacing Samar.

And when Season 8 premieres, Alina will have an even more significant role! TVLine reports that The Blacklist has promoted Laura Sohn to a series regular on the show. It's a development that's usually a pretty stellar indicator that an actor will be even more front and center in the future.

Alina’s first season was an eventful one. At first, Red was apprehensive about her joining the Task Force before she showed off her combat skills against someone who had betrayed him. From there, Alina has proven to be the perfect fit for The Blacklist and, as a character, she has a lot of upside.

There have been hints about her past, including the tragedy that compromised her time in Alaska. Alina's action-packed debut season even saw her get animated, thanks to the ambitious way The Blacklist proceeded with its season finale.

I look forward to seeing what The Blacklist has in store for her, and I am curious if sparks will ever truly fly between her and Aram. He finally broke up with his ill-suited girlfriend after learning she was a murderer, so he is single heading into Season 8. On a side note, Alina has been especially close to Liz since making her debut.

I wonder if she'll realize that Liz has switched sides in the war between Katarina and Red. Liz is all-in on Team Katarina, and she made some shocking threats in declaring herself so when The Blacklist finished the season. If Cooper, Aram, and Ressler do not pick up on Liz’s surprising new outlook, I think Alina may be the one to zero in on it.

Whatever she gets up to, Alina’s amazing story is just beginning, and fans will undoubtedly be excited to see what the crime drama’s next chapter has in store for her! The Task Force is in great shape with her on board, and I think The Blacklist’s last season only scratched the surface of the excitement surrounding her.

You'll be able to see more of Alina Park when The Blacklist returns for Season 8 on NBC after this summer’s premieres, though a start date for the season is still pending. Until then, check out past seasons of the crime drama on Netflix, along with lots of 2020 arrivals.

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