The Blacklist Reveals Surprising Personal Reunion In Exclusive Clip

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The Blacklist is almost back with a new episode on NBC, and CinemaBlend has your exclusive look at what's happening this Friday. The look reveals a surprising personal reunion! The series has been running hot since its midseason return, and it is not letting up on the excitement. Fan-favorite Aram will be taking a leap of faith in more ways than one in the April 3 episode.

Remember, Aram’s questionable married girlfriend, Elodie? Aram had broken up with her since the renewed crime drama’s 2020 return. Well, The Blacklist has a surprising reunion in store for the one-time couple. Apparently, they are back together. Check out this exclusive clip and then head down for some speculation!

First of all, Aram is skydiving! Aram! Elodie has apparently talked him into yet another adrenaline-fueled, risk-taking, adventure. My hat is off to Amir Arison, who is absolutely loving this season of The Blacklist, by the way. He totally has me believing that he is jumping out of a plane and careening towards the earth.

Aram mentions quite a vital topic in this exclusive clip, and it has to do with children. Fans of The Blacklist may recall that Aram got super excited, believing that he and Samar were expecting last season. In truth, she had been diagnosed with that degenerative illness, which caused her to leave the show.

Aram was devastated and has been on the rebound ever since. Cut to Season 7, and Aram has gone all-in with Elodie. Is he still trying to heal his broken heart? Or has he found a genuine mending with Elodie? If The Blacklist has taught viewers anything, it is that many people are not who they seem.

To say that Elodie has been on my radar as a threat would be an understatement. She just so happened to be at the wedding the real Ilya Koslov was at, to retrieve some intel. Coincidence or conspiracy? I have a lot of questions about her, and this clip from The Blacklist only heightens them.

Personally, it seems that Elodie cannot accept Aram for who he is. Throughout The Blacklist’s current season, she has kept enticing him to do these dangerous things, and to what end? I cannot help thinking she is trying to infiltrate the Task Force, which Aram is a critical part of. The question is for whom? Is it Liz’s MIA mom, Katarina?

I would not put it past the apparently “trustworthy” Katarina to want to keep tabs on the Red-centric Task Force. Elodie may be the key to doing that. That said, I am surprised that Aram has gotten back together with Elodie. Time will tell if they stay that way. Elodie did say she hoped they would be together. Maybe it is not official?

Stay tuned and find out what happens after Aram jumps, when new episodes of The Blacklist air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC as one of the midseason’s offerings. To check out Aram’s past thrills on The Blacklist, you can watch previous seasons on Netflix alongside content arriving in 2020.

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