Latest Update On Blue Bloods’ Nick Cordero Involves Stem Cells And ‘Really Great Signs’

Blue Bloods' Nick Cordero 2020

Blue Bloods actor Nick Cordero’s wife Amanda Kloots has been faithfully updating fans on her husband's progress as he’s spent time in the hospital following coronavirus complications over the past few months. There’s been good news and bad news, but this week Kloots says she has been feeling confident about Nick’s progress after he received stem cell treatment last week.

Most of the efforts surrounding Nick’s recovery revolve around working to build up strength in his lungs and working to keep his blood cell count moving in a downward direction (which is a positive). On Friday, Amanda Kloots updated everyone keeping tabs on Nick’s story on Instagram, mentioning one of the efforts the hospital is trying is stem cell research. She said there "are no guarantees" this new tactic will help, but heading into this week, now Amanda Kloots is feeling more positive about the recovery efforts.

Hey everybody just a quick Nick update. So I think you know this weekend was a good weekend. It was uneventful, which uneventful in the ICU is a good weekend. He had a weekend of rest a weekend of growing strength in his body and recovering a little bit. I think those are really great signs. Not too many changes were made which is also a really good sign.

During Nick Cordero’s ordeal, Amanda Kloots has kept the faith and remained positive for herself, their son and family and fans. She has maintained this positivity despite being recently told by a doctor to steel herself to be ready to say goodbye to Nick Cordero. She has also kept this outlook despite Cordero going through a lot while hospitalized, including having a pacemaker inputted and losing one of his legs following blood clot complications.

But she says she has a reason to be positive this time, sharing on her Instagram Stories there is a specific reason for her “good feeling” related toward the coming week. Not only do the doctors seem to be attempting this stem cell help and not only did he have a good weekend in the hospital, there has been one other really "good sign" that Amanda Kloots relayed is happening with her husband's condition.

One really good sign is his white blood count number is way down. It has been as high as 65,000; we are now at 30,000. A frame of reference, a normal healthy person is around 15000-20,000 even lower sometimes. So, 30,000 is a great sign. I don’t know why, I just have a really good feeling about this week.

Our thoughts go out to Amanda Kloots and the rest of Nick Cordero’s extended family during this time. He’s been hospitalized for more than 60 days at this point and there have been a lot of ups and downs, but sharing Nick’s story is certainly a reminder of the toll the virus has taken on countless families and the myriad challenges people are facing as the country opens back up again.

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