Why Big Brother Fans Think Season 22 Will Get A July Premiere On CBS

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After a long period of nothing but waiting, the rumor mill of Big Brother has been spinning full force. Ever since the rumors of an all-star season first started circulating, past contestants have been teasing appearances, while others have been upset no one has contacted them yet. In the midst of all this drama and casting speculation, some news has surfaced that has some fans optimistic Season 22 could premiere in July.

A peculiar job listing was shared by the social media account RealityBBQ, which described a one-day production job for a reality television show coming up in the near future. Check out the listing, and why the account despite their warning is sharing the news with the Big Brother online community.

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As mentioned above, this could be the start of listings for production staff needed to film the intro packages for castmembers who have been invited to appear on Big Brother Season 22. If that's the case then a start date of June 29th and sequester period before entering the house could mean this season will kick off sometime around mid-July or a bit later.

Provided Season 22 of Big Brother is an all-star season, there are no former players who listed Redding, California, as their town when appearing on the show. With that said, there's no shortage of players who have lived or are living in California, and obviously some of them may have moved in the years since appearing in the show. And, not to be a downer, let's also remember there have been no guarantees from CBS this season of Big Brother is all all-stars, so this could be an entirely new contestant.

As I've said, there's no explicit evidence this listing is for Big Brother; it's a listing for a reality show that CBS is hoping to get into production soon. There's also RealityBBQ's point that Big Brother has sent production crews to competitors' towns earlier than this for previous seasons of the show. With everything running behind in Hollywood in terms of typical production schedules, this may be the earliest date the show could've got this process rolling.

While I'm certainly someone hoping this is a clue Big Brother will be starting in mid-to-late July, I can also say that it seems like there are a lot of former players making noise on social media as of late. If they're not just trolling and Big Brother is really in conversations with them to appear, then it would make sense that production is going to start rolling in the near future. Here's hoping Big Brother may deliver one of the few situations in 2020 where people celebrate folks going into isolation!

As of the time of writing, there is no confirmed date for when Big Brother will return to CBS for Season 22, but general plans were in place for a summer airing. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the reality series, and for the latest major headlines in television and movies.

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