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Did Labor Of Love's Latest Eliminations Give Away The Father Of Kristy's Baby?

Spoilers ahead for the June 25 episode of Labor of Love on Fox.

Kristy Katzmann was already down to her final five hopeful dads-to-be when Labor of Love kicked off this week, and she was down to three by the end of the hour. The competition was between Kyle Klinger, Gary Malec, Stewart Gill, Trent Broach, and Marcus Lehman, and each guy got to have a one-on-one date with Kristy before she decided who she could still see herself starting a family with. Even though Kristy still has three men to choose from, the two she chose to eliminate combined with more house drama leads me to believe Labor of Love gave away the father of Kristy's baby as none other than Stewart.

The two men eliminated this week were Trent and Gary, and Gary was somewhat surprising. He had made a strong impression on Kristy thanks to their date that involved entertaining kids, and he was one of only two guys that Keith Reams couldn't come up with anything bad to say about before he and his "fire" were sent home last week. Still, Kristy didn't feel that the potential with Gary or Trent was great enough to keep them in the running when she had stronger connections with the others.

So why am I thinking that Labor of Love gave away that Stewart will be the one who gets to start a family with Kristy? Well, for one thing, Stewart is the other guy in the house who Keith couldn't say anything bad about before Kristy sent him home, which is saying something. He has also managed to avoid the various bursts of house drama, and he put up one of the strongest showings with the lifelike babies the guys had to care for this week.

Throw in Stewart shaking off what could have been an injury on their date, and he clearly impressed Kristy. In fact, she mentioned his status as a CEO in this episode, which suggests that his position in life certainly doesn't hurt his shot. That said, Kristy has also formed connections with anesthesiologist Marcus and marketing director Kyle, and she herself admitted that Marcus has been a frontrunner.

Unfortunately for Marcus and Kyle, they may have both ruined their shots at fathering Kristy's baby thanks to house drama in this episode. Marcus and Trent paid Kristy a visit to tell her that Kyle "doesn't care about anything but himself" and that he hadn't helped clean the house when all five guys were tasked with taking care of the mess, which planted some seeds of doubt in Kristy.

The tables turned when Kyle had his date with Kristy and had some stories of his own to tell... about Marcus. This episode proved that Keith really called Marcus "the mastermind" for a good reason, as he made the dates all about strategy and winning rather than love and family. That's not to say that he doesn't want to start a family with Kristy and is just trying to win, but he was actively trying to psych out and sabotage the other guys. And Kyle figured it out in time to share his suspicions with Kristy, who was in tears by the end of her date.

Of course, neither one of them is a Luke Parker, but Kristy is also searching for the guy to start a family with. These are higher stakes than The Bachelorette!

Kristy did still keep both Marcus and Kyle, choosing to send Trent and Gary home instead, but Stewart was the only guy she was able to immediately decide to keep without any need to talk out what had happened (or send him home). Nobody has accused him of anything, and he hasn't accused anybody of anything.

Kristy's doubts and fears have been getting to her in recent episodes, and Stewart seems like the only guy who hasn't stressed her out. With next week taking Kristy to the guys' hometowns (much like this stage in the game in Bachelor Nation) to see how they live when not competing on reality TV, I'm feeling good about Stewart sticking around. Choose Stewart, Kristy! Even if it's just by default because Marcus and Kyle are being dramatic and Stewart is the most stable!

Find out whose hometown visit doesn't go well enough in the next new episode of Labor of Love, airing on Thursday, July 9 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. For more viewing options, check out our 2020 summer TV premiere schedule.

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