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What The Bachelor Edited Out Of Peter And Victoria's Hometowns Conversation

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One of The Bachelor’s dramatic moments in Season 24 involved Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller, when they had a conversation during hometowns after Peter’s ex made some shocking claims. It turns out that viewers did not see everything, though. The Bachelor edited out some stuff from their talk.

First, a recap. Peter had run into his ex, Merissa Pence, during the hometowns episode of The Bachelor. She made some intense claims to Peter when Victoria was still vying for his heart. Merissa claimed “there’s been many relationships broken up” due to Victoria and he confronted his new love over his ex’s allegations. And, an argument ensued between them after she denied the claims.

It turns out that there was more to Peter and Victoria's argument than The Bachelor let on. At the Women Tell All taping, Peter told ET that they had a more in-depth discussion, but it “unfortunately, wasn’t able to air.” What did this edited-out talk entail? Peter continued, saying:

We had a long conversation about really what her relationship was with Merissa and the accusations she was making. We talked about the relationships that Merissa had brought up and there's a reason why I made my decision. I wasn't just going off no conversation there. And in regards to Merissa and my relationship, that wasn't very serious at all. I had maybe seen her four times throughout the course of a month, but it was a lot more serious with Victoria. So, when I heard Victoria's side of the story, it was enough for me to make the decision and I felt good about it.

According to Peter, his relationship with Merissa (the one who accused Victoria of being a relationship-breaker) was not very serious. However, his relationship with Victoria was. If I am reading correctly, that strength apparently made her side of the story carry more weight with Peter than Merissa’s. So, when it came time to decide on The Bachelor, Peter gave Victoria a rose and the chance to stay.

Hannah Ann Sluss expressed her support for Victoria amid the hometown dates drama. In the end, Hannah Ann and Madison Prewett ended up making it to Peter’s final two, while Victoria made it to Peter’s last three, but no further. This sets up a still-mysterious finale that has fans' curiosity incredibly piqued.

For her part, Victoria has sounded off on the allegations that Peter’s ex made about her breaking up relationships. During The Bachelor’s Women Tell All special, she confronted the claims, calling them “extremely frustrating.” Her take was that Peter’s ex did not like her and may have just “wanted to come on the show.”

Whatever Victoria told Peter, he clearly believed her enough to keep her as a contender for a while long, but ultimately chose to part ways with her, leaving Madison and Hannah Ann as the two women vying for the final rose. There have been a lot of spoilers, but the ending of Season 24 remains a giant question mark.

Madison’s dad may have accidentally spoiled what happens, but it does not include Victoria somehow reuniting with Peter. Of course, the finale supposedly changes “until the very last second,” so stay tuned. The excitement is far from over where The Bachelor is concerned in 2020.

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