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Did Labor Of Love Just Sabotage Kristy's Search For The Perfect Man?

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Spoilers ahead for the June 18 episode of Fox's Labor of Love, called "40 Year Old Fathers."

Only six men were left in Kristy Katzmann's search for the perfect man to father her children on Labor of Love at the start of "40 Year Old Fathers," and the episode pitted the potential dads-to-be up against labor pains, house drama, and limited time to chat up Kristy. The biggest wild card of the episode was definitely Keith Reams, who had spent his time on Labor of Love proving that he has a hot temper, and he finally revealed his "fire" to Kristy. The result was Kristy sending Keith home, but not before Labor of Love may have sabotaged her goal to find the right guy.

Kristy decided to have a chat with Keith, since he was the only one of the final six who hadn't gotten a one-on-one date prior to elimination night, and Keith basically got himself sent home by telling Kristy that he had some "fire." Kristy had to deal with a hot temper with her ex-husband, and Keith breaking down his various confrontations in the house pretty much sealed his fate, without needing any of the other guys to step up and drop the truth on Kristy.

Before he left, however, Keith sowed the seeds of doubt in Kristy about the other men. Surprisingly calm despite Kristy deciding to send him home, Keith told Kristy this:

If you have this concern with me, you're gonna need to do the same sort of vetting with other people in the house. Gary and Stewart are the most genuine in terms of their intention toward you. Marcus the mastermind, Trent's a bully, and Kyle really hasn't revealed himself. That's all I'm going to say about that.

To Keith's credit, he didn't even try and say anything bad about Gary Malec and Stewart Gill, who have been standouts this season. I'm not sure Keith would have stuck to his guns about Stewart if he knew that Stewart wanted Kristy to be told about his hot temper in the previous episode, but Gary and Stewart having genuine intentions seems pretty accurate to me.

I'm not 100% sure if Keith was telling Kristy about the other guys for Kristy's sake or just trying to stir the pot one last time before he left, but his descriptions of Marcus Lehman, Trent Broach, and Kyle Klinger could believably ring some alarm bells for Kristy. There is seemingly at least a little bit of truth to each of his claims that I can't blame Kristy for starting to wonder.

Trent's sense of humor is definitely sharp, Marcus is intelligent, and Kyle hasn't been the most open of books. Kristy shared her thoughts about Keith's claims:

Keith kind of planted some seeds of doubt about a lot of these guys in my head. That might have been Keith's temper taking over, but it is playing on a fear that I have of getting to the end of this and picking the wrong guy. It has me feeling very unsettled.

I definitely feel sympathetic for Kristy in her current circumstances, but I also feel a little vindicated that the stakes of choosing the father of her child via a reality show in which she doesn't get much time to get to know the guys seem to be hitting her. Labor of Love definitely isn't The Bachelorette.

If Kristy goes through with having a baby with whoever she picks at the end of the season, Kristy will have him in her life forever. Over in Bachelor Nation, nothing necessarily lasts far beyond the "After The Final Rose" special, as the latest season of The Bachelor proved with Peter Weber. Will Kristy's doubts continue as she gets to know the guys a little better, or will Keith's claims be out of mind now that he's out of sight?

Find out with new episodes of Labor of Love, airing on Fox Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. Keith was the only guy sent home this week, so Kristy still has five men to choose from. For some more of what you can watch now and in the not-too-distant future, be sure to check out our 2020 summer premiere schedule.

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