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Council Of Dads Star Has A Message For Fans After Early Cancellation

J. August Richards as Oliver Post, Clive Standen as Anthony Lavelle, and Michael O'Neill as Larry Mi

Despite making it to the air in the midst of the coronavirus, NBC's Council of Dads was unfortunately not able to overcome cancellation. However, J. August Richards, who played Dr. Oliver Post on the show, is taking the series' premature end in stride.

J. August Richards took to Instagram to share his gratitude with Council of Dads’ fans following the sad news. The social distancing-friendly drama still has one more episode to go, which is set to air next week. In the post, Richards also called this past Thursday’s episode “Stormy Weather,” his favorite episode. You can check out what Richards wrote down below:

I also want to thank YOU! Yes, YOU! I took a big risk and you let me know you have my back... And, in truth, what more could a person ask for??? Love y’all! Seriously…

How sweet! It has to be sad for the cast of the series, which saw J. August Richards joined by the likes of The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies and Vikings’ Clive Standen, who donned a completely different look from that of his days on the History drama. Council of Dads was an emotional series, and its cancellation is bound to create even more emotions.

Council of Dads premiered in the midseason back in late March. It's bittersweet, but fans don't have to wait long to see how Council of Dads wraps up its first, and only, season. For his part, it's nice to see that J. August Richards is grateful for the run the show did have.

On the show, Sarah Wayne Callies stars as Robin, a widow whose husband, Scott, created the titular Council of Dads to help raise their children. The drama has followed the council, which includes J. August Richards’ Oliver, as they try their best to guide them following their father’s loss. Council of Dads worked to handle the significant death at the center of the series in a way that differed from This Is Us.

On the show J. August Richards’ Dr. Oliver Post is Robin’s best friend and a father himself along with his husband, Peter. And it looks like his skills as a doctor are really going to be put to use, as the final episode's synopsis teases that Oliver will have to help Sage when she goes into labor early.

Hopefully, everything ends on a happy note. At this point, it's tough to tell if fans will be left on a cliffhanger or not, based on J. August Richards’ poignant Instagram post. You can check out Richards’ entire message to Council of Dads fans below:

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It's a beautiful message to leave fans with. Hopefully, J. August Richards will have more to say when Council of Dads signs off next week. It is personally surprising that the show has been cancelled, as NBC has been doing great with emotional dramas like This Is Us and the medical drama, New Amsterdam. The latter show saw ratings in terrific shape ahead of its impromptu Season 2 finale during the shortened television season. That said, This Is Us and New Amsterdam both had the benefit of airing during the fall months as opposed to Council of Dads’ midseason push.

You can watch J. August Richards and his co-stars on the final episode of Council of Dads, which airs on Thursday, July 2, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. For more television entertainment heading your way, check out this summer’s premieres.

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