Legendary Big Brother Player Threatens Viewers Calling Her Phone Ahead Of Season 22

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If current rumors are to be believed, the all stars participating in Big Brother Season 22 will be or currently are in sequester for the upcoming season. As such, a number of former alumni have gone inactive on social media in recent days, and fans are speculating left and right over who may actually be a part of the show, and who is just trolling for more engagement or attention for their page.

People want answers and apparently, will go to rather extreme lengths to get them. This was shown recently in the case of legendary Big Brother player Janelle Pierzina, who had recently posted a picture wearing "star" pants and then went silent. Fans wondered what was up, and some found an extreme way to officially confirm whether or not Janelle was competing in Big Brother Season 22 or not:

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That's right, people started phoning Janelle Pierzina via the number listed on her real estate website to see if she was answering or not. Assuming all the rumors about sequester, the season's start, and whether Big Brother is having an all-star season for that matter are true, then Janelle answering her phone may mean she is not a part of Season 22.

The calls were enough to bring Janelle back to her social media, and she was not happy. The Season 6, 7, and 14 competitor announced in a now-deleted tweet (via Reddit) that she was tired of getting calls from fans and would be taking action if it didn't stop:

Stop calling my phone! I will start posting numbers of BB fans that have been blowing up my phone. I'm with my family for fucks sake! Leave me alone.

It's unclear why the tweet has since been deleted, though I would imagine Janelle Pierzina could've faced some legal consequences for doxxing Big Brother fans regardless of whether or not they started the harassment. Unfortunately, stunts like calling players at work numbers can be the uglier side of the show's fandom, which will stop at nothing to get the details that aren't readily available. Remember that guy who yelled outside the Big Brother house on a bullhorn to expose secrets to houseguests? People can be pretty extreme.

And really, it's hard to say what was even learned by Janelle Pierzina answering her phone. One could argue this is confirmation she's not on Big Brother Season 22, but doing that requires believing a string of rumors that have yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, CBS still hasn't even confirmed the all-stars angle for this season, so harassing Janelle at her place of business was really only successful in making her upset. That said, perhaps the increased rabidness of the fandom should be a message to CBS that it may be time to reveal something about Season 22, if only to prevent fans from doing more things like this.

Big Brother Season 22 is said to be airing on CBS sometime this summer. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the upcoming season, and for the latest news happening in the world of television and movies.

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