Star Trek Icon William Shatner Delivers Sweet Final Captain’s Log From Self-Quarantine

William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek

The global health crisis has forced us to change our daily routines over the past few months, with many having found it especially hard to remain in self-quarantine. However, a number of celebrities have found delightful ways to keep themselves (and their fans) entertained. While Dwayne Johnson has been doing helpful Q&As and Josh Gad has been reuniting the cast of ‘80s movies, Star Trek alum William Shatner has been providing humorous Captain’s Logs on social media. But of course, all good things must come to an end.

William Shatner recently took to Twitter to deliver his 100th and final Captain’s Log. In the sweet message, the 89-year-old actor expressed his hope that fans had enjoyed his frequent check-ins and mentioned how much fun he’d had delivering them:

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The Star Trek alum originally started his self-quarantine Captain’s Log in March and kicked it off by talking about arriving at home and enjoying espresso, all in Star Trek fashion, of course. Since then, he’s also used the messages to promote novels and wish fellow celebrities well.

William Shatner has made it very clear that he has no intention of reprising his iconic Captain Kirk role or returning to the Star Trek franchise. However, this was a nice way for him to recapture the spirit of the character while also providing some fun for fans.

Aside from his Captain’s Log updates, one of the most delightful things Shatner has tweeted about during this time is his desire to join NASA for a mission. This may sound a bit surprising, but it’s not the first time he’s joked (or not joked) about wanting to take a trip to space.

Fellow members of the Star Trek family have also been busy while waiting things out in self-quarantine. For a while, Patrick Stewart spent much of his spare time reciting sonnets from William Shakespeare, which was met with positive thoughts from fans. He and his fellow Next Generation cast members also came together for a special Zoom call to celebrate Marina Sirtis’ birthday.

With the Star Trek shows currently on hiatus, William Shatner and his fellow stars have certainly been giving Trekkies their fix of content in some way or another. Now that stay-at-home orders have been lifting across the country, it means we likely won’t get as many delightful social media activities like these. But on a positive note, this means that work on shows like Picard, Discovery and Strange New Worlds could be ramping back up relatively soon.

Star Trek fans are sure to miss William Shatner’s Captain’s Log, but they certainly served as nice moments of escape from everything that’s currently going on. Plus, they also let us know that the veteran actor is still as sharp and spry as ever.

If you would like to revisit William Shatner’s classic performances, you can stream Star Trek on Netflix.

Erik Swann
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