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Reality Star Jessica Simpson Shares Rocking Bikini Photo As She Prepares To Leave Her 30s

Pop star-turned-reality TV personality Jessica Simpson is only days away from turning 40, and a new photo indicates that she's not upset to be leaving her 30s. Her birthday is on July 10, and she already says "YEE-HAW" to the decade she's leaving behind. Take a look at how Simpson is celebrating her last couple of weeks before her 40th birthday!

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Yee-haw indeed! Jessica Simpson went for a bikini-cowboy hat combination for this Instagram picture, and it's definitely not a look that suggests she's bothered that she's leaving her 30s behind. And why should she be, even putting aside the look she's able to pull off? The singer and TV star has moved past some difficult times in the limelight, ranging from an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2017 that she "can't even watch" and an awkward appearance on HSN in 2015.

To contrast, Jessica Simpson is seemingly living her best life with her husband and kids, if her Instagram account is anything to go by. It's possible that her decision to step away from reality TV has something to do with her outlook. She explained why she would never want another reality show back in 2018, and she stayed true to that statement. Her only reality TV appearance in recent years was in an episode of her sister's show on E!, called Ashlee + Evan.

A mother of three, Jessica Simspn gave birth to her youngest daughter in 2019 after sharing a photo showing off her baby bump, and in 2020 published her memoir, called Open Book. In the book, she covered subjects like her highly-publicized marriage to Nick Lachey, her problems with drugs and alcohol, the pressure to lose weight and the subsequent body image issues, and more. Open Book became a #1 New York Times best-seller, and she has a lot going for her as she heads into her 40s looking fabulous!

Saying goodbye to her 30s isn't the only event that motivated Jessica Simpson to hit social media to show off her bikini bod. She posted a mirror selfie while on vacation a few years back, and she totally went topless to celebrate her 37th birthday in a sunny pool pic, with the hilarious caption of "Kiss My Butt 36." She clearly has a sense of humor and pretty upbeat attitude about birthdays, so no wonder she went for a bikini pic and fun emoji to head into her 40s!

Interestingly, Jessica Simpson (who could have starred in The Notebook instead of Rachel McAdams) took some criticism from none other than Natalie Portman in 2018 for posing for a photo in a bikini, and she clapped back at the Oscar-winner. Portman later clarified that she meant to comment on the media's mixed messages about women, not commentary on Simpson choosing to wear a bikini.

Hopefully Jessica Simpson will have as great of a birthday on July 10 as she looks like she was having when her latest bikini photo was taken. She likely won't return to reality TV as star of her own show, so fans can always rely on her social media for updates. For some upcoming TV options, be sure to check out our 2020 summer premiere schedule.

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