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Big Brother Internet Sleuths Think Something Is Coming To CBS Before Season 22 Premiere

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Big Brother premiere rumors have been all over the place of late for Season 22 with some alleging the premiere is weeks away and others saying it may not happen at all. For those hoping for the former, there may be some evidence Season 22 is coming in July, or at least that CBS has something planned for the show ahead of the Season 22 premiere.

As of writing, the CBS schedule (opens in new tab) for Sunday, July 12 has a blank placeholder for 8:00 p.m. ET. The rabid Big Brother fandom immediately picked up on the news and began running with the idea that it means something about Season 22. Typically, I'd be a bit leery about jumping to conclusions, but trusted Big Brother insider Alex Kidwell has given a heads up that fans may want to keep an eye out for that date.

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A popular theory is that this placeholder will be a Big Brother special. I would imagine that this special, if it happens, would confirm the details and Houseguests of Season 22, or be a special looking back on the greatest moments of the show's history. Considering the heavy (though still unconfirmed) reporting that Season 22 is an all-star season, it would certainly make sense that CBS would want to highlight why some of these former players are so important ahead of the season.

CBS did something similar with Survivor: Winners At War, which was an all-star season. Survivor's all-star season (confirmed well ahead of its airing) released its special a week before the 40th season. It's possible that if this placeholder is something in the same vein, Big Brother Season 22 could be a week or so away from this rumored special in July. These are both CBS shows, after all!

We still have no idea when Big Brother will premiere at the moment, though there is another popular theory that suggests Season 22 will start a little over a week from July 12th. Granted there are a lot of theories about the Groundhog Day post Big Brother's casting director Robyn Kass tweeted, so keep that in mind before lumping it in with this news.

Let's also remember this could also be no more than a schedule vacancy on CBS that could end up being filled by an I Love Lucy special or something entirely unrelated to Big Brother. Recent news about the COVID-19 situation in L.A. could potentially shut down Hollywood productions once again and jeopardize Big Brother Season 22. Even with sequestering competing contestants, past houseguests like Cody Nickson have explained the issue in quarantining production, so unless the rumors of a season in Fiji are accurate, who knows what the situation will be in L.A. by the time July 12 rolls around? For now we can only wait and see!

Season 22 of Big Brother is said to be airing on CBS this summer. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more details on the reality series, and for more news happening in the world of television and movies.

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