90 Day Fiance's Big Ed Was Once Hospitalized As A Kid After A Girl Threw A Brick At Him

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90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days helped make a star of Big Ed Brown, and the scorned lover of Season 4 has been riding that wave on social media as far as it takes him. Ed has been active on the internet since his season and taking some time to interact with fans and tell some occasionally bizarre stories about his life.

The latest on that front comes in the form of a story from Big Ed's youth. Ed hopped on Instagram to share the story of the time a girl hit him in the head with a brick, which required hospitalization:

Kind of a funny story. When I was four years old, I wanted to go on this swing. And this girl was in the swing and, apparently, she wouldn’t let me take my turn. So, I ended up having to push her out of the swing. Short story long, I got in the swing and started swinging. And she got so mad at me that she threw a brick at my head. And I ended up having to go to the E.R. And all I remember is looking in a mirror and seeing the doctor stick a big needle in the top of my head. I guess don’t push girls out of swings because you want to swing because then she’ll throw a brick at your head.

That story isn't all that funny, though it does go to show what crazy things children will do in an impulsive rage. Luckily, Big Ed survived to tell the tale, which wasn't all that detailed -- minus the part about getting hit with the brick and getting a needle in his head. In Ed's defense, the incident was almost fifty years ago, so it's understandable he's a bit hazy on the details.

The story is bizarre, but what may be stranger is the fact that Big Ed decided to tell the story to the world. There's no moral beyond not knocking children off the swing, which Ed himself says in his post. Was this story relevant to something happening in his life or just something he just wanted to put out there in the universe? Big Ed's social media can be a bit of an enigma at times, but it can also be funny. For example, the current trend of him recreating that scene with him and Rose with random people is absolute gold.

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Good to see Big Ed can make light of his short romance with Rosemarie Vega and has amassed a following willing to listen to his stories of getting hit with bricks and other things. If Ed can maintain that following long enough for production to resume on the franchise, I'd imagine there's a solid chance he'll grace another season of the show in the future. Of course, that would require finding love again, and I'm not so sure Ed is ready for that after the recent season.

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