Labor Of Love: 3 Ways Kristy's Search For The Perfect Man Could End After Latest Elimination

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Spoilers ahead for the penultimate episode of Labor of Love Season 1, airing July 9.

Only one episode of Labor of Love is left before the final credits roll and viewers know how Kristy Katzmann intends to continue her journey to becoming a mother. Kristy visited the hometowns of her three remaining suitors, and it was down to Stewart Gill, Kyle Klinger, and Marcus Lehman. In a surprise twist, Kristy overlooked Kyle's bachelor pad lifestyle and saw Marcus having a "house mom" friend to take care of him as a dealbreaker. Marcus has been eliminated, and Kristy will have to choose between Stewart and Kyle.

That said, there are three possible outcomes of the season at this point, and I can see any of them actually happening. So, read on for the three ways that Labor of Love could end Kristy's search for the perfect partner to make a baby with!

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Kristy Chooses Kyle

Kyle took Kristy home to Austin, Texas where he introduced her to his friends at a picnic, which Kristy clearly enjoyed. A rain shower broke up the picnic and sent them back to his place, which Kristy was not thrilled to see was a small one-bedroom apartment. Still, they were on good terms, and even powered through the awkwardness of getting physical to practice the birthing process. The closest thing to a dealbreaker was Kyle's apartment, and Kristy could overlook it.

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Kristy Chooses Stewart

Stewart brought Kristy to his home in Los Angeles, and his apartment impressed her right away with its "dream board," location, and furnishings. She did note that it was a one-bedroom, to which he responded that it was the apartment for his life as it was at that point. They visited a potential new home, and Stewart introduced her to his friends, including a woman who also froze her eggs when she focused on her career. Kristy did gently turn him down when he suggested they spend more time together at her hotel, but Stewart was the clear winner of the week.

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Kristy Chooses Kristy

Kristy could always go ahead and channel her inner Kelly Taylor a la Beverly Hills, 90210 and end Labor of Love by saying "I choose me." She technically doesn't need a relationship partner to become a mother, and the penultimate episode made it clear that not choosing one of the men was an option for her. Kristy is taking the series very seriously at this point, and if she believes that neither Stewart nor Kyle is the right man to start a family with, she could just decide to do it solo.

So, which of these three is the most likely option? Honestly, I'm torn. As somebody who has been incredulous all along that Labor of Love is a viable way of finding the person to build a family with, part of me is instinctively on Team Kristy Choosing Kristy. She can do it solo! I believe in her!

That said, I struggle to see anything wrong with Stewart, unless him deciding to go on Labor of Love to woo the ideal mother of his child counts against him. Kyle has less polish than Stewart, but it's not like it would be impossible for him to upgrade the bachelor pad for Kristy and a baby, and she has fun with him. At this point, I could see Kristy going in any direction. If she does pick a guy rather than herself, though, count me on Team Stewart!

Find out how Kristy decides to start her family with the season finale of Labor of Love on Thursday, July 16 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. For some viewing options for once Labor of Love wraps, check out our 2020 summer TV premiere schedule!

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