What Unsolved Mysteries' Showrunner Thinks About The Recent Updates In The Alonzo Brooks Case

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Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries has been a popular show since its debut, and much like past iterations, it is re-opening the book on situations or crimes in which the trail has gone cold for investigators. Recently, it was revealed that the series had passed along some credible tips it received on the first six cases, and it's looking like one case in particular just took a meaningful step forward.

The body of Alonzo Brooks, the subject of the episode "No Ride Home," has been exhumed by investigators to examine for clues. Unsolved Mysteries' Terry Dunn Meurer spoke to KSNT.com about the news, and offered her take on the situation given the lack of information on the motive behind this recent development.

We’re hopeful that that means there’s something that the investigation hopes to find through doing that. Exhuming a body is not something you just do casually.

Terry Dunn Meurer's thoughts were confirmed by forensic pathologist John Ralston, who noted that investigators need to have "reasonable suspicions" and "tangible proof" that the case needs to be re-opened. Investigators obviously have some interest in examining the body of Alonzo Brooks, though what they could be looking for is a mystery at this time.

Unsolved Mysteries' "No Ride Home" recounted the night of Alonzo Brooks' disappearance following a night he was left at a party by his friends. Brooks was said to be one of a few black men at the party and was hanging out in a rural area described by some as racist. Terry Dunn Meurer shared the story of how Brooks' case caught the attention of the team, and why he was highlighted for the show.

It’s a case that caught our attention because it was so mysterious in how Alonzo disappeared and the fact that his body was found a month later... Alonzo’s case is very near and dear to our hearts and his family deserves justice. It’s time to solve this case. That’s the way we felt so we’re hoping we can be part of that.

Since the release of "No Ride Home," multiple theories have sprung up on the internet regarding Alonzo Brooks' disappearance. Many have questioned the involvement of various persons of interest in the case, as well as the story told by the friends who ended up leaving Brooks at the party. The pressure may have led to some added information from those who may have known more than they let on at the time, leading to this step forward in the case.

Unsolved Mysteries' first six episodes are currently available to stream on Netflix. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the original, and the latest happenings in the world of television and movies.

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