Hallmark Star Ryan Paevey Is Quarantining Ahead Of Filming Christmas Movie And Has A Great Way To Deal With It

Ryan Paevey looking handsome as Mr. Darcy on Hallmark

It’s been just a couple of weeks since some TV productions started opening up. Among these filming locations is Canada, where a variety of upcoming Hallmark projects are filming, including popular shows such as When Calls The Heart and popular upcoming Hallmark Christmas movies as well. The only catch? The entire productions have to quarantine before filming, and Christmas movie star Ryan Paevey seems to be trying to have fun while dealing with it.

If you’ve seen a dozen or so Hallmark films, you probably know Ryan Paevey, the lead in such classics as Unleashing Mr. Darcy and its subsequent sequels or last year’s Christmas at the Plaza, opposite Elizabeth Henstridge. The actor is back in Hallmark’s 2020 slate and while he is in quarantine he's trying to remember the times he was able to spend in the great outdoors.

In fact, every day in quarantine he’s shared a look at one of his beautiful nature experiences. On Day 1, he shared a relaxing video of one time when he was able to swim one handed to film the beauty and remember it forever.

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On Day 2, he shared a second outdoor memory, revealing to his fans that he does not have Covid, but is just following the rules Hallmark has set down to keep people safe.

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Over the last few days, Ryan Paevey has kept up the trend, sharing a wonderful memory of a time he went surfing, another cool water video (I’m sensing a trend) and finally an image of him taking his motorbike out into the big, wide world. The images are a really cool way to engage with fans, particularly when he’s stuck at home, but suffice to say, I also think they highlight the sacrifices people in certain professions are making while they try to get back to work. The NBA bubble is another big example of this.

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Meanwhile, Hollywood is also getting back to work and Canadian productions are at the forefront of programming moving forward. Recently, Hallmark announced a whole slate of Christmas movies on the list, including favorites from Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert and more. The flick Ryan Paevey will be the love interest in hasn’t been listed yet, but he is currently quarantining for 14 days and has confirmed it will be a part of Countdown to Christmas 2020.

Previously, Erin Krakow also spoke out about how the various Hallmark teams are working in “pods” to keep things safe and the same people working together. And Candace Cameron Bure talked about how filming will take longer due to safety restraints.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been watching Hallmark recently, there hasn’t been nearly as much new content rolling out as there typically is (though some of that may have had to do with the Christmas in July programming that rolled out). There is an end of summer slate currently on the schedule and hopefully some fall programming will be able to film. Because what would life be without cider and a pumpkin patch?

We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, take a look at the programming we know is heading our way come fall with our full schedule.

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