Candace Cameron Bure Explains How Her Hallmark Movies Are Going Back Into Production

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Filming on Hollywood productions (as well as productions around the world) came to a screeching halt back in March when the world was hit with an unprecedented health crisis which called for everyone to quarantine to remain healthy. But, with many things around the country and internationally beginning to open up and lessen restrictions, filming is actually starting to gear up again. This includes filming on the many productions we see on Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries every year, and star Candace Cameron Bure has shared how she's now been able to get back to work on those films.

It was toward the end of March when Candace Cameron Bure spoke about how her latest Aurora Teagarden film for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries was shut down after only getting through one week of production before the pandemic hit. At the time, like many other productions, the producers were hoping to go back to work within a couple of weeks, but, of course, that was impossible. Now, though, Cameron Bure, the crew and her castmates have been able to head back to Vancouver to resume filming, and she talked with Entertainment Tonight about how they're able to go back to work.

As you might imagine, things are very different this time around. To begin with, Candace Cameron Bure and one of her co-stars, Marilu Henner (who plays the mother to Cameron Bure's titular character), had to quarantine together once they got to Vancouver, but the changes don't stop there:

We'll be the only two people in a home for two weeks, until we get to start production. There are definitely new protocols that we have to follow. The shooting schedules are taking longer in general, because people can't all be in the same room together, so the process will just take longer.

Ah, yes. That now common dilemma of how to have everyone work together when we can't even all be in the same place. Unlike offices that can run via chat and / or video meetings, film sets are very different animals that typically have dozens, if not hundreds, of people milling around doing various jobs every day. Another Hallmark star who's just gone back to work, When Calls the Heart's Erin Krakow, recently revealed that the cast and crew of her show is "operating in pods," with people who work in the same department allowed to work in closer quarters, while everyone who's not on camera in masked at all times.

Candace Cameron Bure had revealed earlier, in an Instagram video which is no longer on her page, that she and her fellow castmates and the crew for the new Aurora Teagarden film were able to get past international travel restrictions because they're considered essential workers, as the movie can't be finished without them. But, now that she's in Canada, her movements are seriously restricted until filming is done. And, this led to an unexpected side effect when it came time for Cameron Bure to pack for her Vancouver trip:

The amount of luggage that I'm bringing is actually ridiculous. I have to bring everything with me, I can't go out. I can't even go to the grocery store, like, nothing. I have a whole suitcase that's just food, which sounds crazy!

Personally, I would never dare separate a hard working woman from her snacks, so this doesn't sound crazy to me at all. You do what you gotta do, Candace!

Once she's done filming this new Aurora Teagarden installment, Candace Cameron Bure will be sticking around to film a new Hallmark Christmas movie, so we should be hearing more about what's coming up for the network soon. Be sure you stick with CinemaBlend for the latest!

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