Kevin Costner Talks Hating Wearing Suits In Hollywood And Why Yellowstone's A Better Fit

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In case you were wondering, Kevin Costner and John Dutton have something in common outside of being in full admiration of Yellowstone’s picturesque surroundings, and it has to do with their personal style. For his part, Costner is speaking out about his lack of love for dressing to the gills as a Hollywood icon, and why he's much more into his Yellowstone character's duds.

Wearing suits in the movies that populated Kevin Costner's early career (such as Untouchables) must have been tougher on the actor than viewers thought. Wearing one is something that Costner rarely has to face undertaking on Yellowstone, though, since John Dutton is no more of an enormous fan of them than his portrayer. Costner, a fan and veteran of western projects, talked about his genre preference by telling Good Housekeeping:

I've never wanted to wear a tie in my life. To this day, I'm not comfortable in suits. There's nothing about it that I like. A western is something I can crawl into so much easier.

Yellowstone’s John Dutton is the role of a lifetime for more reasons than one! Kevin Costner has opened up about his struggle adjusting to television in the past. The lack of three-piece suits in the hit series' Wardrobe department is probably not one of the issues he has had to deal with in making the medium transition.

As John Dutton, Kevin Costner rarely has to get gussied up in a suit, unless there is a special occasion. Granted, John did don one earlier this season when he had to meet about stepping down as Livestock Commissioner in the Season 3 premiere. If memory serves, I believe that John also wore one when Jamie got sworn in as Attorney General.

Otherwise, Kevin Costner’s character has stuck to his usual/unofficial uniform – jeans, a cozy shirt, occasional jacket, and his cowboy hat. It has to be a welcome relief for Costner, who was initially hesitant to join Yellowstone. One of the upsides to the job being that he can head into costuming, knowing that a desired outfit awaits him.

As you can tell from the picture above, if John wears a suit, he does it with his cowboy hat still intact. The character's attire has been a load off of Kevin Costner's mind and body, and there is enough drama on Yellowstone without John having to worry about ripping off a neck tie in order to make his anger known.

The Western is heading into its final two episodes faster than you can say “Season 3 finale." Will John have to wear a suit again before the season ends? If so, I hope it is not because he is attending an enemy's funeral. This is Yellowstone we are talking about, so it tough to say at this point. Stay tuned. It should be a wild ride.

Check Kevin Costner in the last episodes of Yellowstone Season 3 when new episodes air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. After the finale airs, this fall’s premieres will arrive to keep fans entertained as TV awaits Costner’s return in Season 4. You can watch Costner only occasionally wearing suits during Yellowstone’s first two seasons on NBCUniversal’s new streamer, Peacock.

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