Will Stranger Things Season 4 Get Delayed By Coronavirus? David Harbour Has Thoughts

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When it comes to Stranger Things, David Harbour is notorious for his loose lips. He has not been shy about admitting that he has gotten in trouble with Netflix over his fan-loved habit of spilling info on the beloved series. Now, when it comes to Season 4 getting delayed over the coronavirus, Harbour isn't dropping storyline spoilers, but he has some thoughts.

The fan-favorite actor will return for Stranger Things’ fourth season despite that very frightening ending for Jim Hopper last season. During a Q&A on Instagram, David Harbour addressed the possibility of Season 4 being delayed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Harbour explained that the installment’s original release date was initially set to be as soon as “early next year” (via Digital Spy).

David Harbour followed that up by saying he had no “authority” on that early 2021 release date, but because of the coronavirus, Harbour speculated that the presumed early-2021 premiere will “probably be pushed back.” That's not an entirely surprising development, should it come to pass, since responses to the coronavirus has already led to the delay of numerous series.

As of now, production on Stranger Things Season 4 is on hiatus due to the outbreak's spread. Time will tell how long production remains suspended. Obviously, the longer that production on Stranger Things is delayed, the more it would seem to impact the premiere date of Season 4. Unlike past seasons, filming is set to take place in New Mexico as opposed to its previous location in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thus, we're left to speculation about how much fans will see of Hawkins in Season 4. Given that David Harbour’s Hopper is stuck somewhere in Russia, Stranger Things will definitely be spending some time away from its original Indiana home-base. When fans get to see all of this action unfurl is now the big question consuming those anxious to see Season 4.

The previous season bowed just in time for July 4th in 2019, leading to a summer-timed Hopper cliffhanger getting unleashed. Thankfully, there is reason to believe that Season 4 will see more of David Harbour’s beloved character than initially hoped. Between that jaw-dropping twist regarding Hopper’s fate and Harbour signing on for Marvel’s Black Widow, it left room for concern.

But the visible proof of David Harbour’s Hopper in that Season 4 teaser leaves fans in a pretty comfortable while awaiting a release date. Speaking of anticipation, Harbour’s Stranger Things co-star, Noah Schnapp, revealed his enthusiastic response to what he has read of the Season 4 scripts.

So, if you need another reason to be excited for Stranger Things amid a potential delay, you can take comfort in knowing it should be worth the wait. That is if a considerable postponement happens as the result of the coronavirus response.

While fans wait to see how things shake out with Season 4, they do have David Harbour’s run in Black Widow to also look forward to. Stranger Things’ release date may end up getting delayed, only time will tell how much of an impact the coronavirus will have.

You can watch David Harbour in previous seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix, along with lots of 2020 content. Netflix has not revealed what the release date for Season 4 will be in the wake of the coronavirus. While waiting for word, there will be plenty of spring premieres to keep you entertained.

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