11 Exciting Netflix Original TV Shows Arriving in September 2020

Ratched Netflix

September is a time for seasonal changes, and apparently, it's also an ideal time for TV shows about good barbecue. Audiences will get a healthy mixture of both in the coming month from Netflix, with a mouth-watering lineup jam-packed with big stars and big shows. (And big briskets.)

Don't worry about an overabundance of saucy barbecue references going forward, even if there are multiple shows centered around the cooking technique this month. Beyond bringing the beef, Netflix also has quality original programming on the way from Hilary Swank and Ryan Murphy, as well as a singing competition that sounds like it could be competitive TV's next big thing. So let's dive into the metaphorical slow cooker to see what shows will be heating up everyone's TVs in September.

Boss Baby Netflix

The Boss Baby: Get That Baby! - 9/1

Netflix is back with another choose-your-own-adventure special, but this one is more Captain Underpants than Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The Boss Baby: Get That Baby will have viewers finding their "calling" at Baby Corp by completing missions with an aptitude test. Not much more has been revealed beyond that, but it's more than enough for me to know that my kid is going to love playing through this one. Hell, I might even love it a little bit myself, as I'll never get tired of these unique Netflix interactive experiences.

Bookmarks Celebrating Black Voices Netflix

Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices - 9/1

Netflix is bringing black celebrities together to read books from prominent black authors for bite-sized Bookmarks episodes that readers of all ages can appreciate. These five-minute episodes will run through popular children's books and act as a way for parents to engage with their children about some of today's big social issues on a level that they can understand. Themes teased for this 12-episode series will focus on action, justice, respect, and identity, so it's certainly worth checking out during these difficult times.

Chef's Table: BBQ Netflix

Chef's Table: BBQ - 9/2

Chef's Table's latest installment is bringing its phenomenal cinematography and storytelling to one of the best food genres out there. Barbecue is huge in America, but as many will point out, it's not like it originated there. Even so, this upcoming season will feature Texas and North Carolina subjects showing some of the most mouth-watering glazed meat you've ever seen in your life, but it will also take viewers to Mexico and Australia to try out their BBQ as well. I almost have to stop writing about this because it's just making me so hungry, which I expect will also be a problem when I watch.

Away Netflix

Away - 9/4

Hilary Swank leads the sci-fi drama Away, in which Swank's Emma Green must leave her husband and daughter behind for a three-year mission to Mars, which is quite a stretch for anyone with a family. This drama comes from Jason Katims and more folks behind such shows as Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, so I think audiences can expect that being away from Earth for three years is not going to be a quick and easy ride for any of the astronauts involved. Bring some tissues along when this one premieres, and I have a good feeling they'll be put to use.

Duchess Netflix

The Duchess - 9/11

A British comedy in which a woman (played by comedian Katherine Ryan) decides whether or not she wants to get pregnant again by her daughter's deadbeat father. It sounds like just the kind of dark ride that British TV creators can make palatable, and based on the early footage that has been released, I think this could be a sleeper hit that catches on this month. Of course, it certainly helps if those who watch are already into British comedies, and there are thankfully enough of those on Netflix to go around.

Sing On! Netflix

Sing On! - 9/16

Tituss Burgess is set to host Netflix's latest competition series Sing On!, which rewards its players not necessarily for singing, but rather for mimicry. Six singing contestants will perform songs as their voices are measured against the original artists' songs via a vocal analyzer. Singing on key will help add to a big jackpot, and contestants will be whittled down until two are belting out songs against each other for the grand prize. It sounds like a cool concept, and in an age where game shows like The Masked Singer are killing it on television, I'm all for another offbeat talent competition!

American Barbecue Showdown Netflix

American Barbecue Showdown - 9/18

Yes, Netflix has two different barbecue-centric shows coming in September, with American Barbecue Showdown arriving later in the month. This cooking competition will have contestants grilling and smoking to be considered the best in America, and they'll be cooking up unique meats with "old-school techniques." Considering barbecue is traditionally a low and slow cooking thing, I am curious to see how this show will cope with keeping the competition fierce when time may not necessarily be of the essence.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - 9/18

Set during the events of Jurassic World, this animated series follows six teens who must band together to survive when their camp experience is interrupted by dinosaurs running loose across the island. (What did they think was going to happen?!?) As the first Jurassic Park TV series in the franchise, this is a big deal even if it is an animated project. I'm certainly eager to see how it turns out, and frankly, I'm kind of shocked we haven't seen an animated series for this franchise already.

Ratched Netflix

Ratched - 9/18

Ryan Murphy is back with another Netflix series, and this time it's a prequel to a beloved cult-classic film. Ratched is the story of the same Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, and delves into the sordid story behind how she came to be employed at the psychiatric hospital. Murphy is often good when it comes to glamorizing the grotesque, and with Sarah Paulson at the lead in this series – and names like Sharon Stone and Vincent D'Onofrio in supporting roles – I see this one possibly getting some awards love when the time comes.

The Chef Show Netflix

The Chef Show Season 2 - 9/24

Season 1 of The Chef Show was a fun ride, and I can only imagine the same will be true with Season 2. Jon Favreau and Roy Choi are back with more delicious-looking food, more celebrity chefs, and more special guests that helped make the first season such a pure delight. Last season was jam-packed with Marvel alumni from Favreau's connections to the MCU, so I'm hoping Season 2 will have at least one or two stars from The Mandalorian along for the ride. Maybe they can find Baby Yoda some soup?

Sneakerheads Netflix

Sneakerheads - 9/25

If you've ever tried to buy a pair of limited edition Nike Jordan's, you know it's not an easy task to complete safetly. In Sneakerheads, a man who finds himself $5,000 in the hole becomes determined to make his money back (before his wife finds out) via hunting down rare sneakers. Sounds like an interesting enough premise, and the fact that former Vine star Andrew Bachelor is involved is a guarantee that I'll be checking this one out towards the end of the month.

Check out all these shows and more on Netflix in September and beyond. As always, continue to stick with CinemaBlend for the latest coming to the platform, and for more news in television and movies, and head to our Fall TV premiere schedule to see what shows are on the way soon.

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