The Flash: 4 Cool Season 7 Reveals From New Trailer And DC FanDome Panel

DC FanDome's initial outing has been about as film-heavy as it gets, with fans getting new reveals from Taika Waititi's The Suicide Squad and a brand new trailer for Justice League's Snyder Cut series – yes, a series. But don't think that TV audiences were completely left in the dark, as Ezra Miller's Flash movie wasn't the only bolt of lightning zipping around, with The CW's The Flash bringing the Arrowverse to the table with a new look at Season 7 and more.

Like many TV shows over the past five or six months, The Flash wasn't able to fully complete its most recent season due to filming being shut down. The episode that was being filmed at the time is part of what The Flash will kick off Season 7 with, although the creative team has had some time to figure out how to make the transition more organic when the show returns to possibly close out the Mirror-verse. Fans got to see a Season 7 trailer mixing new and old footage together, with the show's cast joining showrunner Eric Wallace for a Q&A session at DC Fandome, and here are some of the most interesting details that were revealed.

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A Former Villain's Return

The Flash's trailer seemed to reveal a lot of empath fun coming in Season 7's earlier episodes, and fans will get to see a returning villain showing up to cause some mental havoc in the form of Ashley Rickards' Top. The comic character was first introduced in Season 3 as a villain who caused her victims to become terrified with vertigo, and as she says in the new footage, she "never held back." Top is still a prisoner when Cecile goes to visit her in the trailer, but she's also shown outside of her prisoner garb, so will she find a way to escape?

Iris Vs. Mirror Iris

Thankfully for everyone who's been waiting to see Barry reconnecting with the real Iris, it sounds like she might very well get to escape her Mirror-verse prison soon into Season 7. But not before Mirror Iris gets a hold of her. The Season 7 trailer shows Mirror Iris within the otherworldly setting offering up threats and other bad news, saying no one is coming to save Iris, and that the only ways out of the Mirror world are by surviving or by succumbing to the madness. Here's how Candice Patton put it when asked how her time in the Mirror-verse has affected her.

It'll be interesting to see when she comes out – and I believe she will come out very soon when we pick up Season 7 – it'll be very interesting to see how she's been affected by being kind of stuck in this maddening world with this super villain.

Thankfully, Iris has a very good head on her shoulders, so even though she might come out of this experience with some trauma, she likely won't be losing her mind like others might.

Why Godspeed Will Be A Season 7 Big Bad

While The Flash has introduced the modern era villain Godspeed before, there have been caveats. In Season 5, it was a future version of August Heart who was abusing Velocity 9 to get his powers. In Season 6, Heart returned and let loose a bunch of Godspeed clones to shake things up in Central City. But Season 7 will officially bring the comic book baddie in as a full-on Big Bad. When showrunner Eric Wallace was asked why he wanted to make that happen, here's what he said:

I want to make sure new fans — especially young new fans who are reading the comic book right now — are welcomed to the show, so it's not just Silver Age villains and Bronze Age villains. There might be a young girl or a young boy who is reading those Flash comics right now going, 'Where's my villain, my generation's villain?'

The Flash has done a solid job of meshing all ages of the comic book superhero's canon, from bringing Jay Garrick in to bridging connections with the 1990 TV series. But beyond the way the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover looped in other ongoing projects such as Lucifer, Stargirl and Ezra Miller's Scarlet Speedster, the show hasn't always taken its inspirations from the character's latter-day storylines. With Godspeed, Eric Wallace clearly hopes to change that, which is awesome for younger generations.

The Flash Might Finally Get His Gold Boots From The Comics

Now, fans should obviously take this with a grain of salt, since it's been six seasons already without a clear sign of the speedster's gold boots showing up. But the subject came up during the DC FanDome panel, with Grant Gustin getting asked about it their potential appearance. In his words:

This might be a question for me, but really it's for Eric. Because, I don't know if this is saying too much, but if it were up to me, it would have been like two seasons ago. [Laughs.]

Two things here. One, The Flash's DC FanDome panel was edited from its original 40-minute runtime down to 15 minutes, so there were only two fan questions added into the mix, and yet all involved still chose to highlight the gold boots question. Two, why would Grant Gustin saying he wanted the boots two seasons ago – which he'd already talked about publicly – would be "saying too much?" That should only be the case if he was really giving something away, and I think he did just that by saying it in the first place. Fingers (and toes) crossed that we'll get more costume changes in Season 7.

Check out the Season 7 trailer below!

The Flash Season 6 will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, August 25, so be sure to pick that up. In the meantime, stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more on when Season 7 will get underway, and when we might get to see it debut on The CW in 2021. While waiting for the TV-centric side of DC FanDome to take place on September 12, head to our 2020 Fall TV premiere schedule to see what other shows are coming soon.

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