Big Brother All-Stars Viewers Want Production To Save Janelle Pierzina Ahead Of Eviction

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars episode from Wednesday, August 26. Read at your own risk!

Another eviction is coming in Big Brother All-Stars, and while there's still a chance she could flip the vote, it's looking very likely that Janelle Pierzina will leave the house. The news has been nothing short of devastating to a large chunk of the fandom, many of whom are floored that the "queen of Big Brother" may leave in Week 3 because the majority alliance declared her as a massive threat.

These houseguests are just playing Big Brother, of course, but that doesn't mean the fandom hasn't taken it personally. Big Brother All-Stars viewers are upset and have gone to extreme measures, begging the show's production to keep her in the house. Tweets with "#SaveJanelle" flooded in during and well after the episode.

Complaints have poured in since Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha's nominations, mainly because the new-school Big Brother strategy of majority alliances is in full effect. Cody Calafiore's first Head of Household win set up a group that put Janelle and Kaysar fully on the outside, and a target on their backs from night one. The two have been playing a game of survival since then, and unless there's a twist to throw them a bone, one of them will go home and the next few weeks of this game could be very predictable. Even executive producer Allison Grodner was mentioned in a tweet:

Big Brother All-Stars viewers have been asking for some sort of power or twist that will shake up the game and give Janelle Pierzina a chance to return to the game and make a major impact. As for why CBS would need to do it, some viewers are threatening to boycott the rest of the season if she leaves.

As of writing, there is no indication that Big Brother All-Stars intends to introduce a twist that saves either Janelle Pierzina or Kaysar Ridha. Many of the houseguests have thought there may be a Battle Back to get in the game, but the fact that Nicole Anthony and Keesha Smith were told details of the game and sent packing makes that scenario incredibly unlikely. It is possible the "battle back" could just start with Janelle, but there has been no mention from Julie Chen or production so far. That has certainly created some bitter viewers as well.

It does feel weird that a guy who previously only played Big Brother for one day is outlasting the queen of the franchise, but that's also the consequence of an all-star season. Players don't get rewarded in this game for making moves that keep great players in the game, and while Janelle Pierzina posed no immediate threat to the majority alliance, Tyler Crispen wasn't about to give her a chance. Regardless of what Tyler wants, CBS may just have to make the game a bit unfair and develop a twist to bring Janelle back in the game if they want to appease a vocal number of viewers.

Right now the fan outcry is so loud that it almost seems like Big Brother All-Stars might do this. I should also add that Janelle Pierzina has indicated in conversations on the live feeds a few times that production told her if she was evicted early that she wouldn't be potentially going home until mid to late-September. Seems like a weird thing to tell her, especially when Nicole Anthony and Keesha Smith are apparently at home, so is it possible a twist is on the way?

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