Big Brother Spoilers: Who Will Be Evicted Week 2?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as recent as Wednesday, August 19. Read at your own risk!

For a week that initially seemed to deliver a meaningless eviction in Big Brother All-Stars, things have sure gotten chaotic. Drama has radiated throughout the house as Nicole Anthony and David Alexander campaigned to stay, mostly because both of them are doing it poorly. It has been more or less a race to see which one does less damage before the vote on Thursday, and that will seemingly decide who stays and who goes.

So who will leave the house in Week 2? The answer isn't as open and shut as last week and there are a few factors that could tip the scales, but at the moment, Nicole Anthony looks like she will be sent packing after a series of poor decisions.

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Nicole Anthony Is Fighting Against The People Helping Her

Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha decided early on that it helped them to have Nicole Anthony in the game over David Alexander, and they've been working pretty hard to keep her in the house since nominations. The problem is Nicole has been actively campaigning to be against them in the house, and she truly believes the two are gunning for David and lying to her in conversations.

Janelle and Kaysar tried to get it through Nicole’s head that they’re on her side late on Tuesday night, but Nicole Anthony was hearing none of it. She walked away from the conversation before it ended, and may have burned that bridge in the process. Had David Alexander not been so cold to Kaysar and Janelle in their conversations with him earlier that day, they may have already abandoned this sinking ship but they still seem invested.

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Nicole Anthony Is Letting Season 21 Affect Her Gameplay

The week started off with things going pretty well for Nicole Anthony, right up until Kevin Campell suggested that Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha were working against her. Suddenly, it was like flashbacks to Season 21, and Nicole thought the house was ganging up to bully her.

Nicole has been vocal to the camera and other players that she’s not looking to play the game the same way on Big Brother All-Stars. Right now, that means she’s going to play a more aggressive game. The problem is, that may be the last thing she needs to do, especially if her grand plan she’s been kicking around is set in motion.

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Nicole Anthony Wants A House Meeting

One of the big strategies that Nicole Anthony is planning is to have a house meeting. In theory, the move would show Nicole is not willing to lie down and let whatever happens to her. In having a house meeting, Nicole is hoping to draw a line in the sand between sides of the house and make it clear that she’s willing to go with the side that will vote to keep her.

The problem is, there are very few times a house meeting can work in a houseguest's favor. More often than not, house meetings blow up a lot of people’s games, as lots of information is revealed in front of the whole house. Nicole could benefit from the chaos, but there’s also a chance she’d lose votes because everyone realizes this dramatic flair could continue until later in the game. This house meeting could go well for Nicole Anthony if called, but it could all but assure she leaves on Thursday.

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Is There Any Chance David Alexander Goes?

Nicole Anthony has had a rough week campaigning in the house, but David Alexander is right alongside her with some truly bizarre gameplay being observed on the live feeds. David has been campaigning all around the house to get votes to stay but in almost every conversation, he’s unwilling to share information or give any real promises to those looking to support them.

Fortunately, the optics are good enough that he’ll likely stay unless he pisses off the wrong person, but the chances of that happening aren’t zero at the moment. His rookie is showing in Big Brother All-Stars, and with him burning some bridges while he’s at risk of going home, it’s hard to see him surviving much longer if he keeps this strategy up.

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