Big Brother Spoilers: Who Is Nominated And Who Is The Target After Week 3?

Tyler Crispen Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Friday, August 21. Read at your own risk!

Tyler Crispen is the latest Head of Household on Big Brother All-Stars, and while some fans had hoped the majority alliance wouldn't capture yet another week of the competition, things just didn't shake out that way. Now, the Big Brother Season 20 runner-up is calling the shots and making sure that the people he wants are up on the block.

So, who was nominated for eviction this week? Let's break down each selection, their odds of staying, and who the target really is for the week ahead.

Janelle Pierzina Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Janelle Pierzina

Unfortunately, Big Brother All-Stars fans, the queen of the game is on the block this week. Janelle Pierzina has had a target on her back from the moment she stepped in the house, and having her frequent alliance partner Kaysar Ridha along for the ride only made that target even larger. Janelle has historically been a big threat in Big Brother, so it's only natural Tyler Crispen called her number.

Tyler's hands were actually kind of tied on this one, though. He got ahead in Season 20 by pushing the dirty work off onto others, but after fellow alliance members Cody Calafiore and Memphis Garrett passed the buck on the first two weeks of nominations, it's now on Tyler to put Janelle up. He'll certainly win brownie points within his alliance for doing so, but honestly, he might develop a dangerous enemy if he can't get rid of Janelle this week.

Kaysar Ridha Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Kaysar Ridha

This is one of those nominations that's made more out of necessity than anything. Kaysar Ridha may be one of the nice guys in the competition, but his close relationship with Janelle Pierzina makes both of them a powerhouse duo that can flip the house if push comes to shove. Janelle may be the louder of the two, but make no mistake, Kaysar is the mastermind who always talking and feeling out what he can do to get an advantage any way he can.

In the eyes of the Big Brother All-Stars houseguests, Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina are valued as equal threats. Putting them both up on the block makes for good odds that at least one of them will go home, and the other will have to struggle to get in where they can with other alliances.

Tyler Nicole Franzel Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Who Is The Actual Target?

The actual target this week depends on who you ask. Nicole Franzel obviously wants Janelle Pierzina out the door as soon as possible, so I guess it's good for her that Tyler Crispen may prefer that route, too. He gets along better with Kaysar Ridha, and as the numbers in the house start to dwindle down, his alliance will start taking shots eventually.

Tyler's skilled gameplay in this season hasn't gone unnoticed by the Big Brother All-Stars cast, and I have to believe they will take a shot at him eventually. Tyler could be fine, since he's the guy in the house seemingly in alliances with everyone else, but keeping Kaysar would benefit him more since they already have such a good rapport. I can't imagine that would be the same case with Janelle, but she wouldn't be the queen of Big Brother if she couldn't adapt to any situation. Hell, I'm still not ruling out that Janelle will get the veto and find a way to get Kaysar through another week!

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