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Lea Michele Celebrated Her Birthday In The Best Way With Her New Baby Ever

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Lea Michele just announced the birth of her baby a hop, skip and a jump ago. She and the little tyke almost ended up sharing the same birthday in fact, as this week Lea Michelle also turned 34. To celebrate her birthday, she shared a sweet look at herself, her newborn and a really fancy looking cake.

So far, Lea Michele has followed a fairly common celebrity trend of giving us some looks at her baby, whom she and her husband Zandy Reich named Ever Leo Reich. We’ve seen a little look at his feet and now the back of his head, but it may be some time before we see what the little tyke looks like. For now, again, I’m here for the look at that cake, which also features the words "Happy Birthday Mama."

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Ever Leo Reich was born on August 20 and mom Lea Michele’s birthday is August 29th. The August 20th birthday actually makes him a Leo if you pay any attention to Zodiac signs and that’s where I’m assuming the newborn’s middle name comes from. It’s also worth mentioning -- since we’re talking about signs anyway -- that while mom and baby share a birth month, they don’t share a sign, as Lea Michele is a Virgo.

It’s been a long summer for Lea Michele, though the former Glee actress did spend much of it sharing photos of her pregnancy journey, particularly as she explored the great outdoors. Her summer was also marred by a couple of events, however. Notably, these events included the disappearance and subsequent passing of her Glee co-star Naya Rivera and a set of accusations from a former co-star on Ryan Murphy’s series which didn’t portray Michele in the best light.

Following the accusations from Samantha Ware, Lea Michele apologized and then laid low on social media for a while. But ultimately she decided to return to Instagram following the backlash and move forward. In fact, Michele eventually returned in time to share the journey of her pregnancy leading into little Ever’s birth. So what may have started as a bit of a rocky year seems to be shifting into a moving one as the weather begins to show signs of changing.

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Ultimately, as one grows older, milestone birthdays start happening further and further apart as the excitement over turning 18, then 21 and then 25 (you can rent a car!) wears off. But 34 will likely always be one that Lea Michele remembers and that sticks in her mind. It should be a good few months for the new mom as she doesn't have any listed work projects lined up right now, either. Cameron Diaz previously talked about how nice it was to quarantine with a new baby, and that may be the goal for Michele as well.

We’ll keep you updated with more info on Ever Leo Reich as Lea Michele chooses to share it. Though if she goes the Gwyneth Paltrow route, we may be waiting until her kids give permission for anything to be shared on social media.

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