Netflix's Away Showrunner Talks Exploring Romance And Space Sex For Season 2 And Beyond


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Spoilers ahead for the first season of Away on Netflix.

The Hilary Swank-led Away rocketed to the top spot on Netflix's Top 10 list after launching on September 4, and the drama delivered a balance of sci-fi elements courtesy of the Atlas team's mission to Mars with character development and dynamics. The hit show hasn't been renewed for a second season just yet, but showrunner Jessica Goldberg has already revealed some of what could be in store if Away continues.

Jessica Goldberg, who created Hulu's The Path and wrote two of the ten episodes of Away Season 1 on top of her work as showrunner, weighed in on the possibility of romance as the mission continues and the Atlas team remains separated from those they left behind on Earth. Speaking with ET, Goldberg said:

I think all shows have romance. And this is just another example of how hard it is to be away. It just really puts the pressure on these characters, who also develop these intimacies that are emotional with other people in the absence of their partner. We definitely think that's interesting ground to explore.

Romance is a popular element in many TV shows, and Away left the door open for some relationships that can be explored in future seasons. Ram, played by Ray Panthaki, serves as the second-in-command on the Atlas, but his position in the team didn't stop him from professing feelings for Hilary Swank's Commander Emma Green.

Unlike Ram, Emma isn't estranged from her family, and she turned him down. Does that mean her feelings won't change as the mission continues and she remains very, very far away from husband Matt? And speaking of Matt, Emma's friend Melissa had words for Emma's husband before the end of the season due to their roles in the teenage Lex's life without actually being a couple. Could sparks fly back on Earth, even if company isn't nearly as limited as on Atlas?

The possibility of romance on Away naturally raises the question: will Away tackle space sex at some point? Jessica Goldberg shared that the writers actually discussed space sex and did some research on whether it has happened in real life. As for the result of discussions and research, Goldberg said:

It seems like a very complicated thing to do, literally. [But] emotional sex feels very possible.

While gravity might cause some problems for sex in space, emotional affairs are apparently perfectly possible for the Atlas team on Away! Of course, TV magic can always be used to handwave some complications, but only time will tell if the future holds some love connections between the astronauts, or between those they left behind.

At this point, there is no guarantee that Away will be back for a second season. That said, Away creator Andrew Hinderaker has already revealed some plans for future seasons, and Away hasn't lost its place at the top of Netflix's Top 10 ranking even after a week on the streamer.

The Duchess premiered its first season on September 11, as did the second season of Family Business and the latest installment of Pokemon Journeys. Only time will tell if these or any other Netflix offerings can unseat Away from the top ranking. For now, however, the popularity of the show suggests that the odds of a renewal for at least one more season are pretty good.

You can find all ten episodes of Away Season 1 streaming on Netflix now. For some additional viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, be sure to check out our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule.

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