After Losing To Schitt’s Creek, Ramy Youssef Shared Hilarious Way The Emmys Handled Losers

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The Emmys went remote for 2020 to deliver as much glitz, glamor, and gags as possible while practicing social distancing guidelines. The 72nd Emmys started the night by handing out the comedy awards, and there was a talented crop of actors, writers, and directors in the running. Ramy Youssef of Hulu's Ramy was up for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Eugene Levy of Schitt's Creek ultimately won the trophy, and Youssef was left to reveal what happens to losers at the virtual 72nd Emmys.

Unlike the normal Emmy broadcasts when the non-winners can just stay in their seats and watch the winner make their speech and accept their trophy, the 2020 Emmy nominees were visited at their homes by trophy presenters wearing tuxedo hazmat suits, and Ramy Youssef shared what happens when a presenter doesn't hand over a prize:

Ramy Youssef might have been disappointed not to win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, but his tweet proves that his sense of humor is still going strong either way. The presenter in the tuxedo hazmat suit seems to have a sense of humor as well. Rather than just leaving without attracting any attention, the presenter waved goodbye through the window while clutching the Emmy that Youssef wouldn't be getting.

Unfortunately for the Ramy star, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series wasn't the only category that he lost to Schitt's Creek. He was up for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, against directors from Will & Grace, Modern Family, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Great, and of course Schitt's Creek. Dan Levy and Andrew Cividino were the winners, adding one more trophy to the many that Schitt's Creek won at the 72nd Emmy.

Hopefully Ramy fans who were hoping that Ramy Youssef would take at least one trophy can be happy that Youssef was able to react to his loss in such a funny way. Ramy also should have plenty of more chances to win some TV awards. Ramy was renewed for a third season back in July. And hey, at least we know that Ramy won't be up against Schitt's Creek again! The CBC and Pop TV show cleaned up at the Emmys for its sixth and final season.

The comedy awards of the 72nd Emmys directly followed host Jimmy Kimmel's monologue to a mostly empty theater, although one Ozark star decided to show up despite the changes for 2020 anyway. Kimmel crushed all the pandemic jokes, and the opening managed to run for a couple of minutes with shots of the celebrity audience from previous years before showing all the empty seats.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more Emmys news, which has been trickling out all week leading up to the September 20 ceremony. For viewing options in the not-too-distant future, check out our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule!

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