Schitt's Creek's Series Finale Was Everything I Wanted

Patrick, David, Alexis, and Stevie waving goodbye

After six years of laughs and wigs, Schitt's Creek has finally come to an end. The CBC comedy had a hugely successful run on television, with the past few seasons reaching a wider audience and even getting some Emmy attention. The last few seasons have seen the Rose family greatly grow, and the series finale certainly delivered. What's more the episode "Happy Ending" was everything I wanted.

Series finales are a tricky part of television production. While shows like Six Feet Under and The Good Place delivered, others like Dexter and Game of Thrones failed to stick the landing. There was a ton of pressure for Schitt's Creek's final episode, but Daniel Levy and company managed to craft a pitch perfect tribute to the beloved comedy. The episode was a tear jerker, but still managed to be buoyed by comedy and kindness.

David and Patrick's wedding day was the backdrop of the finale Schitt's Creek episode, and the drama began immediately. Torrential rains ruined their plans, resulting in the cancellation of the venue and officiant. But the Rose family and the town itself vowed to make it right. We were able to watch as David's anxiety reached a fever pitch, to hilarious results.

The episode's title not only relates to how the Rose family lived their respective happily ever afters, but also a very eventful massage that David received on his wedding day. Yes, Daniel Levy's character got a happy ending just hours before walking down the isle. This seemed like an opportunity for a huge fight between the future husbands, but they were able to laugh at the situation and move forward. Alexis also showed up essentially wearing a wedding dress, so there were plenty of moments were Schitt's Creek's episode could have built a conflict.

But that's not what Schitt's Creek is about. While filled with flawed characters that can sometimes be a bit self-absorbed, it leads with kindness. And "Happy Ending" continued this tradition until the show's final moments. Each of the road blocks to David and Patrick's wedding only brought the characters together. The Roses allowed their emotions and love for each other to shine through, with their interpersonal goodbyes mirroring the audience's parting with the show.

The wedding itself was a tear jerker, and the emotional scenes only continued throughout the remainder of the finale's runtime. But in true Schitt's Creek fashion, it was also full of hilarious moments, and some bold looks by Moira. Catherine O'Hara's character stepped in to officiate her son's wedding, sobbing openly in an bishop outfit and hair crown. Moira actually did a great job, but hearing her bizarre accent and hilariously emotionally behavior gave the sequence an enjoyable ping pong of emotions.

Despite being the series finale, Schitt's Creek didn't extend an hour long episode. It remained consistent with its 30-minute runtime, but did give the fans some extra content to help them process the show's ending. Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek Farewell aired immediately following the series finale, aka another hour of crying for myself. Through the special we got to truly celebrate the show's run, as the cast and crew cued us into how the beloved comedy was made, as well as its effect on the audience.

So thank you Daniel Levy and the rest of the cast and crew of Schitt's Creek. The finale was immensely satisfying, perfectly capping the hilarious little show that could. Be sure to check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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