Nikki Bella Gets Candid About Sex With Artem Chigvintsev Right After Having A Baby

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There are lots of things that change for people after a baby is born, including sleeping patterns and day-to-day life. But sex even changes after the birth of a baby and reality star Nikki Bella has no issue in sharing the intimate details about her sex life with partner and Dancing with the Stars’ pro Artem Chigvintsev. In fact, she detailed what sex and her changing body was like postpartum and if you are someone who hasn’t gone through it before, it may be a lot.

New Mamas have a lot of beautiful things going on with their bodies, but Nikki Bella told her twin sister Brie Bella (who was also recently pregnant) during a recent episode of The Bellas podcast that she and her partner are already back to doing the dirty, though they perhaps took things a little too quickly. She noted:

I didn’t publicly say I wanted to have sex with the man, which don’t get me wrong, we’ve already been having sex. I didn't even make it to the six-week point, I just started at five. I was like I'm healed, I'm fine. Even though last night it didn't seem fine, but that's OK. It was a little different… I felt like organs were like about to drop out. I was like, shoot, did I mess up?

Brie responded, asking her sister to stop talking about the “gross stuff going on with our vaginas, especially yours.” Regardless, her sex life came up because of an Instagram post Nikki Bella had shared the other day which fans had taken to mean she was back in the sack with her man.

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Now, Nikki Bella says she was just trying to support Artem Chigvintsev before he returned to Dancing With The Stars whilst also mentioning she was at the point where she could “trash” her postpartum underpants, though reading it back she now sees the sexual connotation of her post.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev recently welcomed their son Matteo in July around the same time her twin Brie Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan welcomed their second child, a son named Buddy, at the beginning of August. Now, that they are a few weeks out from birth, their lives are becoming a little more normal, though as a new mom Nikki Bella is still learning about the needs and wants of her little one. She shared a breastfeeding story as well.

Oh no, I literally whipped out my booby and gave him some juice, some Mama Juice and then he got happy. I’m like, ‘Is this what I’m going to have to do to my son in public when he’s like screaming and crying?’ I’m just gonna whip out my boob?

Moving forward there will likely be new lessons to learn and I’m sure both Nikki and Brie will be happy to share their experiences, both on social and during their podcast. Meanwhile, if you want to step away from that facet of their lives for a while, you can catch Artem Chigvintsev back in the Dancing with the Stars lineup this season and dancing with The Bachelorette’s Kaitlyn Bristowe. That airs Monday nights on ABC. For more Fall TV scheduling, take a look at our full premiere guide.

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