Kristin Cavallari Opens Up About Being ‘Really Sad’ That Ex-BFF Didn’t Reach Out After Split With Jay Cutler

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As the saying goes, breaking up is hard to do. But, that is usually even more true when the break up involves a divorce, and splitting from someone with whom you've spent many years and also have children with. In times like that, it's always good to have a steady group of friends and family to lean on who can help you grieve and put your life back together. Unfortunately, reality star Kristin Cavallari split from husband Jay Cutler earlier this year, and she's now opened up about being "really sad" that her former best friend, Kelly Henderson, hasn't reached out.

Kristin Cavallari spoke to People recently about how she's been handling her split from Jay Cutler since it was announced at the end of April. While the former Very Cavallari star had talked about enjoying being able to slow life down this year and focus on her children and company, and has even been able to indirectly joke about her divorce, she now admits how much it hurt to reveal her break up to the world, and not have Kelly Henderson reach out to comfort her, noting:

It is really sad. I thought that maybe announcing the divorce and everything that [she would reach out], but no.

For those unaware, during Season 2 of Very Cavallari, speculation began that Kelly Henderson may have engaged in an affair with Jay Cutler. Those rumors took off in earnest back in early May, just a few days after word came out about Cavallari's divorce, when Henderson posted a photo of herself enjoying an adult beverage with an unidentified man, who fans felt could have been Cutler. Henderson then took several days to publicly deny that it was Cutler in the picture, which let those rumors run rampant for far longer, angering Cavallari and seemingly cementing the end of their friendship.

While Cavallari has always said that she never believed they had an affair, she was very unhappy with how Henderson handled the speculation. Now, even though Cavallari is disappointed that her former friend hasn't taken the time to reach out, she seems to have come to terms with the fact that their relationship is over:

As I get older, I'm kind of like, 'Why hold onto a friendship or a relationship who's really toxic in your life? If it's not bringing you joy, what's the point?' Life is too short. I think it's okay to cut people out of our lives if we need to.

She admitted not long ago that her split from Jay Cutler was something she considered for about two years before making the final decision, which came 10 years into their lives as a couple, and roughly seven years as marrieds. It's always hard to admit when a relationship you've had for a long time isn't working for one or both people anymore, but it seems as though going through her divorce has led Kristin Cavallari to see that sometimes those ties need to be cut so that each person can go on and live their best life.

I'm sure there will be more updates soon on Kristin Cavallari, so be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest. In the meantime, be sure to see what you can watch in the coming weeks with our guide to fall TV.

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