Kristin Cavallari Shows Off New Tattoos She Got To Deal With Jay Cutler Divorce

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For Kristin Cavallari, it has been an eventful couple of months, for better or worse. Back in April, Cavallari and her husband of seven years, Jay Cutler, announced they would be getting a divorce, a development that brought on a lot of views from the internet. Now, she is embarking on yet another new chapter of sorts, as Cavallari is showing off a pair of new tattoos meant to help her deal with her divorce and other emotional woes.

The first tattoo is a sleek, one-line display that honors her and Jay Cutler’s three children: Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor. (Note the letters.) Check out this pic of the new tattoo from Cavallari’s Instagram below:

Kristin Cavallari Instagram

(Image credit: Kristin Cavallari Instagram Screenshot)

With her second tattoo, which is set on the side of her wrist, Kristin Cavallari showed off a delicate butterfly. She captioned the photo with an explanation of what butterflies mean for her, which is possibly a reference to her somewhat tumultuous split from Jay Cutler. See what you think below.

Kristin Cavallari Instagram

(Image credit: Kristin Cavallari Instagram Screenshot)

Hopefully, these new tattoos help Kristin Cavallari as she faces the road ahead. She had mentioned that resuming life after quarantine would be difficult, and Cavallari’s life has seen a lot of changes even outside of her divorce. For example, she quit her reality show, Very Cavallari, not too long after announcing her divorce. The E! series had aired for three seasons after debuting back in 2018, and fans were hoping for a fourth.

The announcement means that Very Cavallari will not be covering her divorce, which possibly went into the decision to step away. Since her split from a reportedly supportive Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari has done more than get new tattoos. Cavallari has also taken to social media to share her excitement over returning to the office of her fashion brand, Uncommon James, and she lit up social media in a totally different way, also.

Weeks before heading to the tattoo shop, Kristin Cavallari sent the internet into overdrive with a viral picture of her and her former Laguna Beach boyfriend, Stephen Colletti. The photo sent the internet reeling and has so far garnered over half a million likes on Instagram. Even though the pic was just a friendly affair, Laguna Beach is apparently still healthy on people’s minds, or so one would assume.

Meanwhile, Kristin Cavallari’s ex, Jay Cutler, subsequently quit Instagram, though he did not stay gone forever. To the relief of his fans, Cutler returned with the same kind of amusing posts he's known for. So, what has he been doing since his split from the newly tattooed Cavallari, besides leaving and returning to Instagram?

He wasn't spending time with Kristin Cavallari’s ex-friend, as it was rumored, but Jay Cutler shared that he had been binge-watching the hit show, Yellowstone, and he has gotten pretty inspired by the Kevin Costner starrer in the process. Cutler showed off some new cows while wearing an outfit heavily akin to the one Costner wore during Season 2. Considering her career in fashion, I wonder if Cavallari has thoughts. Perhaps Jay Cutler will decide to get his own cattle brand tattoo in response to Cavallari's ink.

If you are wondering what spurred the divorce in the first place, the explanations are slight, and mostly come from legal documents, since the two celebs haven't really spoken ill of one another publicly. Cavallari’s allegations were revealed, and that is not all that made it into the public arena. There are rumors that Cavallari regarded her estranged husband as “unmotivated,” to which the internet had some strong thoughts. Looking back on things, some fans felt like they could have seen the split coming.

For now, Kristin Cavallari has some new ink to boost her spirits as her divorce from Jay Cutler moves forward. While you wait to see if Cavallari ever returns to television, check out this fall’s premieres.

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