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Jay Cutler Has A Great Response Following Rumors He's Dating Tomi Lahren

How Jay Cutler looks on date night

Jay Cutler has been a hoot on social media since he allegedly took over his Instagram after his split from former Very Cavallari star Kristin Cavallari earlier this year. He’s mostly shared farm-related stories, but he also admitted to binging Yellowstone in the wake of his split. Following recent rumors he’s been dating the outspoken political commentator Tomi Lahren, the former Bears quarterback had a pretty great response.

Taking to Instagram, Jay Cutler shared that he and Tomi Lahren are not, in fact, dating, in a way that really only he could. In fact, one of his farm animals was involved.

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Jay Cutler also chided the Internet to “be better,” but he’s not the only one who is dealing with dating rumors. People have been following what Kristin Cavallari has been doing since the split as well, and had a fun fantasy moment when the former Laguna Beach star went to visit her own former flame and shared a reunion pic. Needless to say, Jay Cutler says he is not currently with Tomi Lahren.

She also confirmed the rumors should stay in the rumor mill, basically telling everyone to mind their own p’s and q’s.

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The rumor originally happened because Jay Cutler and Tomi Lahren were allegedly seen out together in Nashville just a few nights ago. The two were spotted at Winners Bar in Music City, reportedly taking shots of tequila together straight out of a bottle, though that information came from a secondhand source. Honestly, if that really happened, it sounds like more of a night of licking your wounds than trying to get to know someone new, but either way both Cutler and Lahren are saying they are not dating now.

So regardless of what happened, the book is seemingly closed on this bit of sleuthing. Having said this, Jay Cutler has often been a fan of closing investigations. He spent a period of time over the summer trying to figure out what small animals were going after his chickens. Eventually, he determined raccoons were the culprits. Open and shut case, really.

His dating life may get a bit more complicated, but the next time he’s dating someone seriously, I’m sure we’ll know about it when it's worth knowing about, though Jay Cutler may plan to troll us a little first. At this point, that's probably what we deserve.

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