How Jay Cutler Is Showing Support For Kristin Cavallari Following Their Split

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari in happier times.

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari have made some major efforts over the past several weeks to make it seem like their big split is going swimmingly. This includes activities like spending time together with their kids on Father’s Day and more. This weekend, Jay Cutler also professed his support for Kristin Cavallari’s new cookbook, True Comfort, which will be sold exclusively at Target.

The retired football player took to Instagram Stories to share a screenshot of his ex's True Comfort book, also noting the recipes in the book were “taste tested and approved.” That’s a pretty nice endorsement and certainly not something he had to do for his ex. The book will officially drop on September 29.

Those efforts on social media and in their personal lives come after some contentious reports following their initial split. The couple called it quits back at the end of April and had created a nice joint post mentioning “great sadness” over the dissolving of their marriage. Soon after the post indicating they had grown apart, the tabloids got ahold of the story and said some dirt would be coming out. Later reports said Cutler had been attempting to keep Cavallari from purchasing a new home as the two split.

Alongside this, inappropriate conduct was listed in Kristin Cavallari’s divorce filing and the rumor mill also seemed to indicate Jay Cutler may have been “unmotivated” during his marriage with the reality star, some of which seemingly played out on their reality show. Set stories even indicated the former Bears player often made his then-wife cry when they were filming. The latter stuff is unconfirmed, but the way the filing played out certainly wasn’t and often public divorces such as these end up getting contentious.

Instead, it seems the two have weathered the storm and figured out how to co-parent even as they navigate the court system. They’ve also made changes in their personal lives. Jay Cutler’s been on the hunt for the culprit of the creature killing his chickens, which he recently confirmed. For the Fourth of July holiday, however, the couple split off, with Kristin Cavallari sticking with the kids while Cutler went on an adventure. She shared fun fireworks posts with her 4 million followers while her former partner spent time in the mountains.

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Meanwhile, the split led Kristin Cavallari to quit her popular reality show Very Cavallari and in the time since she has gone back to some other enterprising pursuits. This includes the True Comfort cookbook, as well as working on her Uncommon James fashion brand. We’ll have to wait and see what both members of the former couple pursue in the coming months as they continue to separate their lives more and more, but for now it’s nice to see them at least publicly attempting to play nice together. Who knows? Perhaps bygones are already bygones indeed.

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