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No Big Deal, Just Amy Schumer's Kid Crashing Her Ellen Show Appearance

amy schumer the ellen show september 2020

Like much of life in 2020 for the past several months, talk show appearances became a much different animal back in the spring. While many of our favorite talk show hosts have now returned to their studios to tape shows, their guests are still doing interviews via video chat, and whenever you do that, you open yourself up to the possibility that your celebrity interview could turn into some impromptu family time. This is exactly what happened recently when Amy Schumer's kid crashed her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Amy Schumer has long been known to make us laugh by employing her trademark brand of off-color humor, and while this appearance on Ellen absolutely featured some of that, it was also punctuated by a short visit from her young son, Gene, who's only 16 months old. Take a look!

Good ol' Amy Schumer, right? In case you weren't 100% clear on this, yes, Schumer appeared on Ellen in a video interview, but had her background changed to look like the one on set, and then had prop dummy legs set up in front of a large monitor to make it look like she was doing the whole thing with her legs spread-eagle in the air in front of her. While I'd like to assume that her husband, Chris Fischer, who's a chef and the co-host of their cooking show Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, had a brief emergency and had to hand little Gene over to Schumer, we all know that's not what happened.

Schumer is not the kind of comedian to let a bit go by quietly, so, in order to show just how flexible she supposedly is, she had Fischer bring Gene to her so that we could all see how easy it is for her to hold her son while also stretching her legs in front of her face. I'm quite fond of the fact that Gene was totally, adorably confused the whole time, even as Schumer thanked DeGeneres for always supporting her and her career. And, then seemed to call the host "mom," which got him shuffled back off to Fischer.

Schumer then brought out a (somewhat) cleaned up version of her patented humor by remarking that "it smells amazing in here." Truly, if you can't get behind the appearance of a cute baby being followed by a pleasant-vagina-scent joke, I'm gonna just go ahead and say that you've been doing 2020 all wrong, my friend.

As cute as the distraction of baby Gene was, Amy Schumer did have some serious things to talk about later in the interview. She mentioned doing standup for the first time last week, which was after a break of almost eight months, and how much she's missed performing for live crowds. But, it turns out that Schumer's also been doing her part to raise awareness by protesting a few minutes a day in support of the Black Lives Matter movement since early June. It sounds like she and Fischer are already on track to raise a socially-aware kid, who will also be able to appreciate a good vagina joke, and there's nothing wrong with that.

You can watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show every weekday, so check your local listings for new episodes. To see what you can watch in primetime, be sure to bookmark our guide to fall TV!

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